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USDT / BTC Converter

مخطط الأسعار الحية لـ USDT مقابل BTC

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How do I buy BTC with USDT?

StormGain provides its users with the easiest way to convert crypto. If you want to buy some BTC with USDT, all you need to have is an account on our platform and an active USDT wallet. Now, open our cryptocurrency exchange on the website or in the app. You will see a form that you will have to fill out. Select USDT as ‘From wallet’ and BTC as ‘To wallet’, before enter the amount of USDT that you want to exchange. The exchange will calculate how much BTC you will get according to the actual rate and commission amount. All you have to do next is press the ‘exchange’ button and the deal will be done.

What do I need to convert USDT to BTC?

Our platform offers great facilities for instantaneous secure crypto exchange. If you want to convert USDT to BTC, use our exchange. Enter the amount of USDT that you want to convert and fill in the fields on the exchange page. The amount of BTC that you get will be calculated according to the current rate and commission amount. The BTC wallet will be debited and the USDT wallet will be credited when you click ‘exchange’. Also try our built-in calculator to find out the conversion cost. All the tools are available on our website and in the app.

How do I register on the StormGain exchange platform?

The registration on our platform is simple and free. Let’s find out how to pass it. First of all. Enter the website or get our app in the App Store or in the Google Play Store. Then, open the registration page (‘create an account’). You will see a small form that you have to fill out. Enter your email address, phone number and a promotional code if you have one. Create a password and click ‘create an account’ to finish the registration. Maintaining the account and using the platform is free. Enjoy all the useful and simple tools that StormGain offers!

Do I need verification to convert USDT to BTC?

You only need to verify your phone number and an email address by answering automatic messages. There is no need to go through multiple verification checks like on other platforms, which can last several days. You can start trading immediately after registration, and using the platform and maintaining the account is free. That’s what makes crypto trading on StormGain easier.

How can I calculate the conversion cost?

You don't need to calculate the cost of commission manually - just use our built-in calculator. All you have to do is enter the amount of currency that you would like to exchange. The calculator will display the amount of crypto you will get, the exchange rate and the commission amount. In StormGain you can exchange your crypto with one of the lowest fees. To know more, visit our ‘Fees & Limits’ page

Which wallet is the best to use for USDT/BTC conversion?

If you’ve decided to make a cryptocurrency exchange on StormGain, we recommend that you use the crypto wallet provided in our application and web platform. You will be pleasantly surprised at the reduced commissions on financial transactions and, thanks to the bonuses, you can save as well as earn. Using Simplex will allow you to replenish your balance and withdraw funds directly to your bank card. Depending on the contract concluded with Simplex, you may be given priority individual conditions for cooperation with StormGain.

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