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Why StormGain?

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How do I buy ETH with BTC?

With our low-fee instantaneous exchange facilities, you can easily buy one crypto with the other. To do it, you first need to find the exchange page on the StormGain website or in the app. If you want to buy ETH with BTC, select the BTC wallet in the left drop-down menu, and ETH in the right one. Then, enter the amount of currency you would like to exchange. You will see how much ETH you will be getting for it and will be able to make a deal right away. You can also use our built-in calculator to find out the conversion cost.

What do I need to convert BTC to ETH?

We offer you a simple instant conversion tool. You can convert BTC to ETH using our exchange page on the website or in the app. Select the wallets and enter the amount. On the basis of current rates, you will see how much ETH you will get for your c1. When you click ‘exchange’, the BTC wallet will be credited and the ETH wallet will be debited immediately. If you don’t want to buy currency yet, use our built-in calculator to find out the conversion cost with fees.

How do I register on the StormGain exchange platform?

You can easily register on the StormGain platform. Visit our site and find the registration button. Then, enter your email and phone number into the simple form. You will also have to create a password, and you can enter a promotional code if you have one. You can also register using your smartphone if you have the app.

Do I need verification to convert BTC to ETH?

Usually, trading platforms use multiple verification tests. However, on StormGain, you don’t need to wait for days before you are able to start trading. Everything is much easier - simply open our website or get the app from the Google Play Store or the AppStore, and fill out the registration form. You only need an email and a phone number to start using multiple tools on our platform.

How can I calculate the conversion cost?

Our built-in exchange calculator allows you to see how much crypto you will get after exchanging, the exchange rate and the commission amount. To calculate all of these things, open the calculator in the StormGain app or on the website, select the currencies that you would like to convert and define the amount of currency to be converted. You will see all exchange information. You can visit our ‘Fees & limits’ page to find out more about StormGain conversion.

Which wallet is the best to use for BTC/ETH conversion?

We offer you the option of using StormGain’s multi-currency built-in wallet. All you need to do is register and deposit your assets. You can top up your wallet with a credit card any time you want. Use our app or website to manage, exchange and trade your funds. StormGain offers clear and low interest fees, and no commission for maintaining the account or using the platform.

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