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Ethereum (ETH)

Prix du Ethereum (ETH) en temps réel

Graphique de prix ETH/USDT

Le graphique des prix ETH/USDT montre les derniers changements de prix dans différentes périodes et vues : graphique en bougie, graphique en ligne et graphique de zone

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Acheter, vendre et échanger des Ethereums

StormGain vous permet d'acheter, de vendre et d'échanger des Ethereums en utilisant les données du graphique du cours du ETH en direct pour informer vos transactions.

What is ETH?

The Ethereum token is currently the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation behind Bitcoin. It's the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain network and is usually referred to as Ether (ETH). The Ethereum blockchain is a decentralised public ledger used for recording and verifying transactions. It was also built to enable developers to create smart contracts and distributed applications known as dApps. The native cryptocurrency, ETH, was designed as a transactional currency within the Ethereum blockchain but is now also considered a payment option outside that network.

Ethereum price history

The Ethereum network went live in June 2015, and ETH began trading on major exchanges a couple of months after. Its launch price, according to CoinMarketCap, was around $0.70. But it quickly gained a strong foothold in the developing crypto world and rose above the $20 mark in under a year. ETH price history has been quite bullish from there; following the bull run in 2018, ETH created an all-time high of around $1,500, then fell below $100 in 2020. Since then, Ether's price has rallied over 3,500%, setting a new high above $4,000.

Ethereum price prediction

The Ethereum network is among the most reliable and well-supported blockchain technologies. Its use in industries like finance, Internet, gaming, advertising, supply chain management etc., has made it an extremely popular and valuable digital asset. With continued use and more innovation, it's easy to predict higher ETH future prices. To learn more about Ethereum's future price, check out our in-depth ETH price prediction here.

Signaux pour le trading Ethereum

Prenez des décisions de trading de cryptomonnaies en fonction des signaux de trading de StormGain. Chaque signal d'achat ou de vente comporte deux indicateurs principaux, la rentabilité et la probabilité, pour vous aider à prendre des décisions judicieuses. Les signaux sont disponibles gratuitement dès votre inscription.

Utiliser les signaux de trading Plus d'informations

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Couvrez votre portefeuille en échangeant vos pièces contre des jetons d'or et d'argent dans votre portefeuille.

What affects the price of Ethereum today?

Ethereum (ETH) is among the most volatile currencies on the crypto market, and many consider it to be even more volatile than BTC. This volatility in the price of ETH today is influenced by its adoption as a versatile tool for completing and creating several online tasks and applications. Adopting the network also drives the demand for the token, and with higher demands come higher prices.

How can I buy Ethereum (ETH)?

To buy Ethereum on StormGain, all you need to do is fund your account. You can do that in several ways:

  • Deposit via crypto wallet with no charge fee.
  • Deposit using Visa or Mastercard via Simplex or Koinal (USDT).
  • Deposit via bank transfer.

Once you've completed your deposit, head over to the trading platform to buy ETH. 

How to sell ETH

To sell Ethereum, you first have to own the cryptocurrency by funding your account. You can do that in several ways:

  • Deposit via crypto wallet with no charge fee.
  • Deposit using Visa or Mastercard via Simplex or Koinal (USDT).
  • Deposit via bank transfer.

Once you've completed your deposit, head over to the trading platform to sell ETH. 

How to exchange ETH

StormGain is an easy-to-use platform where you can buy, store, trade and exchange cryptocurrencies. To exchange ETH, first make sure you have enough funds to exchange it. Navigate to the 'Exchange' window, select the asset you want under 'To wallet', then input the amount you wish to exchange under 'From wallet'. At the bottom of the exchange platform, you'll see a calculator that tells you how much your asset is worth and the commission fee. 

How to start Ethereum trading

To begin ETH trading on StormGain, fund your account with at least the minimum deposit amount. You can do that easily with your bank card or via a direct crypto deposit into your wallet. Once you confirm funds in your account, head over to StormGain's trading platform and select ETH from the list of instruments to begin trading.