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Bitcoin comes under pressure as Ether backs away from new record

04 May, 2021

The rise to set a new all time record for Ether a little earlier this afternoon did not take Bitcoin with it. Well, it did to a very limited degree, but not anything of real consequence. Ether rose above that noted previous high at 3455. The move then extended to a set a new record at 3528.55. However, it is reversing once again right now and that is having an adverse impact on Bitcoin as Ether slipped back close to 3400 a few moments ago. The corresponding drop in Bitcoin has seen it briefly dip below 55k, and unless Ether can rescue it again the downside looks like it could have yet more traction. That would especially be the case if the price were to drop below the Asian low from much earlier today. That was set at 54,774. Bitcoin is currently trading at 55,445

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