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Ethereum back above $2000 today

22 Jul, 2021

The rebound in Bitcoin over the past 24 Hours has delivered a corresponding move higher in Ether too. That has now rebounded back above $2000 and was also clearly helped by the comments from Elon Musk yesterday, as he noted his support for the second largest coin too. The rebound from the most recent lows at 1719.17 has now delivered a rise to as high as 2023.92 today. That more than $300 recovery constitutes a gain of getting on for 20% so far this week. The move higher today has also taken the price closer to the 200 day moving average. That is now in place today at 2084.92 and given the current rise one might now rule this level even being tested at some point today. That is not to suggest it will, but moreover to highlight the next major resistance level from here on. ETHUSD is just now trading at 2009

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