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Musk turns Bitcoin turns around another weekend sell off

14 Jun, 2021

On Saturday Bitcoin probably surprised few people when it dropped back below 35k again. The lead cryptocurrency has been prone to such weekend price action lately. So, despite falling to as low as 34,649, it then rebounded back into Sunday morning, where a more dynamic rebound unfolded once it got back above 36k. That rebound then extended above 38k late yesterday evening. Hence both sides of the noted interim 35-38k range were tested in weekend trading. The topside has prevailed further today, as the Pied Piper of Bitcoin, Elon Musk as been tweeting once again. Musk has said that Tesla will use Bitcoin when its mining process becomes cleaner. Well, that is all it takes these days to set the ball rolling and that news has helped to propel Bitcoin close to 40k today. The high reached reached on that news was set at 39,819 as it spiked higher on that tweet. It is currently now far off that high right now, trading at 39,475

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