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Ripple hits new low on the week as Ether balks

16 Jun, 2021

Following on from the previous update here on the progress of Ether; the second largest crypto has now fallen below the noted 100 day moving average. That was in place above 2477 and might have provided some technical support. Well, in the event all it seems to have done is to provide a level where more stops might have kicked in to send it closer to 2450 right now. The upshot of that move is that is has trigged downside runs elsewhere too. That certainly applies to Ripple (XRPUSD). That was in a sort of dormant mode holding above $0.85, but the further downside in BTC and more especially in Ether, has caused XRP to hit its lowest level of the week so far. The price has dropped to as low as 0.8385 not long ago and that move is potentially driving it back closer 80 cents again. The continued failure to get back above the 21 day moving average (now at 0.9124) is a negative, but against that the 200 day is still rising and is in place today at 0.7226. XRPUSD is just now trading at 0.8398

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