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Ripple (XRPUSD) holds June lows for now

21 Jul, 2021

Further to an update here yesterday afternoon on the immediate progress of Ripple (XRPUSD), the price did manage to hold above its June 22 lows at $0.5103 and the further rebound in some of the other major coins today has allowed it some upside too. The price has rebounded back above $0.55 today after holding a low yesterday at 0.5164. However, that is not yet really convincing at this stage and the price still looks susceptible to further downside, if the current rallies in Ether and BTC reverse. Only a more substantial rebound back above 0.60 from here is likely to suggest that a stronger platform has been established, and one that might then infer that a more lasting interim low has been put in place. Even so, that will require a good deal sideways price action at the very least to reverse the current longer term technically negative outlook. XRPUSD is just now trading at 0.5485

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