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Ethereum (ETH) / Bitcoin (BTC) تداول


How can I start trading the ETH/BTC pair?

Ethereum has been in an honourable second place to Bitcoin in the list of TOP cryptocurrencies in the world for a long time, so the ETH/BTC trading pair is certainly one of the most popular.

StormGain allows you to earn on trading the Ethereum/Bitcoin pair. The process for opening a transaction is not difficult, even if you’ve never traded cryptocurrencies. Register, replenish your account and start trading.

For user convenience, we provide trading signals for ETH/BTC in our mobile application. Use them to increase your profits or just learn strategies.

What advantages does StormGain offer?

We try to make trading with StormGain a pleasant and profitable experience. We are therefore constantly improving our application, expanding functionality and modifying it to the wishes of our users.

The application is free. Low commissions, bonus payments (such as 10% on your deposit in our wallet or 15% on your deposit when starting to trade) and regular promotions will help you earn more.

You can trade with StormGain 24/7 from any device and from anywhere in the world. You can find links to download the application on our website or official stores. You can also use our web platform.

How can I perform the ETH/BTC TradingView analysis?

To make a profit on ETH/BTC trading, you need to know what the Ethereum exchange rate depends on. An equally important point is whether the price of Ethereum follows the value of Bitcoin.

Experts agree that the price of Bitcoin has a direct impact on the value of other virtual coins. In the case of an increase or decrease in the price of BTC, albeit with a slight delay, other coins, including ETH, also respond to price changes. So, the question of whether Ethereum depends on Bitcoin can be answered in the long term in a positive manner.

To build a daily trading strategy, we recommend that you take many other factors into account.

How can I find signals for trading ETH/BTC?

To study ETH/BTC trading signals, you need to download the StormGain mobile application, register or log in using your password, go to the ETH/BTC pair page and click on the ‘Signal to sell button, after which you can use the trading signals for more successful trading, totally for free.

The StormGain application is available for download in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Is ETH/BTC suitable for day trading?

The ETH/BTC trading pair is rightfully one of the best options for day trading.

If you’ve decided to try yourself as a cryptocurrency trader, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the basics of technical analysis.

When trading on altcoin pairs, such as ETH/BTC, you can often make good money with the general growth trend in the value of cryptocurrencies, but suffer big losses in the subsequent decline.

Be careful when choosing your trading strategy!

What if I want to become a StormGain affiliate program partner?

We are pleased to announce that StormGain recently joined the international affiliate program FPM.Global, which offers some of the best partnership conditions in the crypto market.

You can receive a fixed commission for each qualified trader (up to $1,200) or up to 50% of gross revenue. You can also use a combined payment plan if it is more convenient for you.

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