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Hamster Kombat Coin Price Prediction: How to Qualify for Airdrop

10 Jul, 2024 5 min read
Hamster Kombat Coin Price Prediction

Have you already joined the community of CEOs in the Hamster Kombat social clicking Telegram game? If not, you still have time before the Hamster Kombat airdrop announcement. While many rumours and discussions surround the strategic gameplay, it's already clear that the Hamster Kombat coin will be launched on the TON network.

There's been much talk recently about the demand for Telegram coins. Hamster Kombat joins the squad. However, what will the Hamster Kombat price be? What is the Hamster Kombat coin launch date and listing date? This article lifts the veil of mystery about the upcoming Hamster Kombat airdrop, listing date, and Hamster crypto price prediction. Let's dive in!

What Is Hamster Combat?

Hamster Kombat Coin

Hamster Kombat is a popular Telegram-based tapping game, resembling its predecessor - the Notcoin clicker game. In Hamster Kombat, every participant plays the CEO of a fictional crypto exchange, where you need to complete 10 levels of the game to boost your startup to the top of the industry. The Hamster Kombat Telegram game represents a perfect mix of fun and strategy, where you earn virtual coins by inviting friends, completing various tasks, joining the Hamster Telegram community, mining, boating energy, etc. The anticipated Hamster Kombat coin launch and airdrop on the TON networks adds an extra layer of excitement to the players. 

The Hamster Kombat coin (HMSTR) is the native token of the Hamster Kombat Telegram game. The listing date was scheduled for June 2024, and the airdrop is announced for July 2024. 

How does the Hamster Kombat bot work?

Hamster Kombat Telegram Game

Let's make it clear - Hamster Kombat is a Telegram bot. By launching it, you become the CEO of your virtual crypto exchange, where you can earn Hamster Kombat coins (HMSTR) by completing quests, inviting friends, mining, and earning more coins by completing multiple tasks the bot suggests you with. 

When you launch the Hamster Kombat bot, you'll be prompted to select an exchange that will earn passive income based on your mining activity in the game. Within the game, you are given a limit of energy for collecting coins while tapping on your gadget's display. The energy is renewable and can be manually adjusted. 

The Hamster Kombat Telegram game provides 10 levels for your hamster. You must earn a specific amount of coins to proceed to the next level. The more coins you earn by tapping on the screen or through mining, the faster you proceed. 

Hamster Kombat's daily combo is one of the game's peculiar features. Once you find the combination of three cards in your exchange, you are rewarded with 5 million in-game Hamster coins. You need to buy or upgrade those cards to earn the reward. The combination changes once every 24 hours, allowing you to earn 5 million coins daily. 

Hamster Combat crypto roadmap

Hamster Kombat Airdrop

The Hamster Kombat team announced that the token's launch on The Open Network (TON) is scheduled for July. As part of this highly anticipated event, the community will receive Hamster tokens as a gift in honour of the game's listing on the market. The goal of the airdrop is to increase Toncoin usage and significantly increase the number of users and transaction volume in the TON ecosystem.

To kick off the airdrop campaign, Hamster Kombat introduced the first challenge on 8 June 2024, which requires players to link their TON wallets to the game. Completing this challenge will allow players to participate in the airdrop when the Hamster Kombat token launches in July. Players can also join the Hamster Kombat Telegram channel to stay updated on new missions as they become available.

Is it possible to make money with the Hamster Kombat Airdrop?

We already know that Notcoin was successfully listed, and active users managed to make a profit. Can we expect the same from Hamster Kombat airdrop? Let's figure it out. 

There are certain rumours surrounding the Telegram-based tapping game. Sooner or later, the listing of $HMSTR will take place. But how much can you win and earn more with the game? 

  • Firstly, the Hamster Kombat airdrop will not depend on your balance (like in Notcoin) but on the level of your account and passive income. So there is no point in saving up coins - you have extra coins, so upgrade your account immediately.
  • Secondly, according to rumours, the crypto will not be issued to players immediately but over two years. The logic is clear: the price after a possible listing will not immediately fall. In two years, there may be no one left. There will only be "whales" left who will gradually buy up all your "hard-earned money" for next to nothing.
  • Thirdly, we don't know anything about the developers of Hamster Kombat. If the Notcoin team was already famous before the launch of the clicker and distinguished itself with several successful projects, then will the creators of Hamster cope with the mountain of complex tasks that will confront them?

Hamster Kombat coin price prediction

In mid-June 2024, the current HMSTR price is $0.00008289, with a market cap of around $82.9 million.

The Hamster Kombat Coin price prediction suggests a short-term target of $0.05 to $0.10 per token within the next 3-6 months, with a potential mid-term price of $0.55 per token in 6-12 months. 

The project claims to have a large user base of 148 million users and 40 million daily active players, with a strong presence on Telegram. While there are no specific long-term price predictions, the project is actively developing and expanding its ecosystem.

Hamster Kombat Pre-Market Trading

Bybit has become the first crypto exchange to announce Hamster Kombat pre-market on 8 July 2024. 

The pre-market trading provides traders with an exclusive access to to secure HMSTR tokens ahead of the market, lettinhg them trade new tokens ahead of the official listing. It’s a big move forward the Hamster Kombat community has been waiting for. Users now have a chance to lock in their purchase/sale prices early.

The Hamster Kombat pre-market trading announcement has also brought some light to the Hamster Kombat coin price. Data from Bybit's pre-market trading platform indicates that the Hamster Kombat pre-market price has been fluctuating between approximately $0.001 and $0.1. The total supply of HMSTR tokens remains unknown. 

Bybit clarified that while pre-market trading may reflect market expectations, the official listing price itself may be influenced by other factors, and there is not necessarily a direct correlation between the two prices.

How Pre-Market Trading Works

Pre-market trading is an over-the-counter (OTC) platform where investors can buy and sell new tokens before their official launch. This early trading period allows buyers and sellers to set price quotes and match trades, ensuring they secure the desired prices and liquidity in advance.

Once a trade is agreed upon in the pre-market, the order cannot be canceled, and the token's price is locked in. Sellers must provide collateral as security and have a set deadline to complete the order. Failure to meet this deadline results in penalties for the sellers.

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Hamster Kombat Airdrop FAQ

When is the Hamster Kombat coin launch date?

The launch of the Hamster Kombat token is scheduled for July 2024.

How can I qualify for the Hamster Kombat airdrop?

To become the owner of the airdrop, you must complete certain tasks announced by the game. The first task is to link your TON wallet to Hamster Kombat.

What types of wallets can connect to Hamster Kombat?

To connect to Hamster Kombat, you can use any TON wallet, such as TON Wallet or Tonkeeper.

Is it safe to connect your wallet to Hamster Kombat?

Yes, connecting your wallet is secure. The app will not transfer funds without your permission. Make sure you follow all instructions carefully to link your wallet securely.

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