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Торгівля Ethereum (ETH) / Tether (USDT)


How can I start trading the ETH/USDT pair?

If you want to open a deal for the ETH/USDT trading pair, you need but verify your registration by email: no additional verification is required. Next, you need to replenish your account. It has become very simple with Simplex, as you can make financial transactions with your bank card. You can also get additional benefits in StormGain when concluding a contract with Simplex.

Trade ETH/USDT with a multiplier of up to x100 and use our $50,000 demo account to gain trading experience.

What advantages does StormGain offer?

- Convenience - all tools in one application.
- Security - the use of the latest technologies ensures maximum safety of our users’ data.
- Availability - you can trade from any device, at any time and from anywhere.
- Benefit - low transaction fees and generous bonuses will allow you to earn more.
- An individual approach - we are always happy to meet with the needs of customers who want to cooperate with us and always try to find an attractive partnership payment plan.
- Support - you can always ask our experts questions in a telegram or through other official channels. We will answer you immediately!

How can I perform the ETH/USDT TradingView analysis?

To build a forecast for the ETH/USDT trading pair, you must carefully consider the factors that may affect the price of ETH.

These factors include:

- speculation,
- development and implementation of technology,
- internal economic factors (Activity of application, Mining difficulties, transactions, and commissions),
- network security level,
- political factors,
- news and gossip.

You can also use trading signals for ETH/USDT, which are available in our mobile application.

How can I find signals for trading ETH/USDT?

If you do not know how to trade the ETH/USDT pair or just want to compare your forecast with the forecast of our specialists, you should use crypto trading signals.

You can find signals in the StormGain mobile application, on the ETH/USDT trading pair tab ‘signals for buy (sale)’.

We hope that our tools will help you significantly increase revenue.

Which crypto trading pair is the best for day trading?

ETH/USDT for day trading is a great solution. During the day, there are a huge number of trading situations for making money. You constantly need to keep up to date on the latest news in order to be able to predict the general trends in price directions.

If you want to successfully start trading the ETH/USDT pair, take advantage of the tips given in the educational section of our site and familiarise yourself with trading signals in our mobile application.

Trade ETH/USDT from anywhere in the world 24/7!

What if I want to become a StormGain affiliate program partner?

We are always happy to welcome users who want to become our partners. Recently, StormGain became a member of the affiliate program FPM.Global, which offers some of the most generous payments for crypto traffic on the market:

- up to $1,200 per attracted experienced trader,
- up to 50% of gross income,
- combined plan.

If you are interested in the conditions, contact the FPM.Global project managers and they will help you choose a payment schedule that is convenient for you.

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