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Торгівля Litecoin (LTC) / Bitcoin (BTC)


How can I start trading the LTC/BTC pair?

One of the popular trading pairs - LTC/BTC - is available for trading in our platform and our mobile application.

There’s just a few steps to do in order to start trading LTC/BTC:

  1. Registration.
  2. Top-up balance.
  3. Choosing a trading pair and opening a transaction.

Trading signals are available for the Litecoin/Bitcoin pair in our mobile application.

Use technical and fundamental analysis to make pricing forecasts for traded cryptocurrencies. You can find detailed information on forecasting methods in StormGain’s training materials.

What advantages does StormGain offer?

Currently, StormGain is one of the best services for crypto trading. The web platform and the mobile application for Android and iOS are available to all our users.

A wide range of cryptocurrency trading tools give more opportunities for earnings, making it simple and convenient. You can simply use our app for exchanging or as a wallet, receiving a 10% profit on your balance.

Low commission fees for operations, generous bonuses and various promotions will pleasantly surprise you.

You can manage your assets 24/7 from any country in the world, and be confident knowing that your savings are safe.

How can I perform the LTC/BTC TradingView analysis?

The LTC/BTC trading pair is one of the most popular pairs among cryptocurrency traders.

We advise using materials from our trading academy when forming your strategy for short or long periods.

You can also use LTC/BTC trading signals to open a deal.

How can I find signals for trading LTC/BTC?

You can find trading signals for LTC/BTC in the StormGain mobile application.

To do this, you need to register or enter the mobile application. Select the LTC/BTC trading pair and press the ‘Signal to sell’ button. You’ll then be able to use the signal to open a deal.

Is LTC/BTC suitable for day trading?

If you want to start making money on cryptocurrency day trading, then LTC/BTC is one of the best options to start with.

A large amount of information about the behaviour of both coins, examples of constructing analysis from leading traders, as well as successful trading cases, will allow you to understand the possible behaviours of the Litecoin and Bitcoin prices in more detail.

You can also use signals for the LTC/BTC trading pair, which are available in our app.

What if I want to become a StormGain affiliate program partner?

StormGain offers great opportunities for cooperation, based on the international affiliate program FPM.Global.

You can receive payments according to a plan that is convenient for you: up to $1,200 for a qualified trader by the CPA system, up to 50% of gross income or a combined plan.

Contact our managers for detailed information and calculations about individual conditions of partnership.

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