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Dent (DENT) Price Prediction 2023-2030

17 Mar, 2023 6 min read
Dent Price Prediction

It's that we tend to spend an average of five to six hours a day on our phones. And yet, our mobile data plans are far from perfect. You either end up using less than what you paid for or exceeding your budget.

Dent is working on liberalising mobile data and creating a platform for fair and convenient distribution of this resource. The company calls itself the first global digital operator and aims to free the world from out-of-date SIM cards by developing eSIM technology.

Dent's two ultimate goals are to:

  • Cut the price of international roaming
  • Work alongside telcos to offer fair mobile data distribution

Just as with Bitcoin, which came to life to fight the imperfect economic system, DENT cryptocurrency aims to help improve our mobile data management. In this piece, we'll take a brief look at the project's history and the token's previous performance. We'll then focus on DENT cryptocurrency price predictions for 2023, 2025, 2030 and the years ahead.

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Dent (DENT) history

The Dent project was launched in 2014 by Tero Katajainen. Mikko Linnamäki and Andreas Vollmer joined him in 2017. Tero first came up with the idea of the DENT Marketplace for trading mobile data packages. Three years later, the platform started growing rapidly as the team introduced new products and services.

Optimistic Dent coin price predictions are based on the project's solid set of working products

Dent is using blockchain technology to challenge the conservative telco industry while creating new opportunities for it. Driven by innovations and a clear goal, the company has partnered with top-tier global companies, including Samsung, Basic Internet Foundation, GSMN, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, bunq and more. These collaborations are meant to stimulate new worldwide integrations and spread the word about Dent's initiative.

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What is the DENT Coin?

DENT is an ERC-20 token powered by the Ethereum network. Unlike Shiba Inu or other meme-inspired cryptocurrencies on the market, DENT has a working product, a strong team and a detailed development plan. Thus, investment opportunities and DENT price predictions can be somewhat optimistic.

Dent 2021 Price Analysis

Bullish DENT predictions for 2021 estimated a $0.5 price per token. However, the highest amount it could reach was $0.019. In July, the coin fell to its lowest yearly point of $0.0016 but continued in an uptrend.

Dent Price Today

Despite some negative predictions, as of the time of writing on 13 March 2023, the DENT coin's price is $0.00098. Currently, the token boasts over $8.5 million in 24-hour trading volume, resulting in a $98,055,659 market cap. Within 24 hours, the cryptocurrency's value has increased by 12.12%. And during the past week, DENT displayed a solid upward, rising by 25.6%.

Optimistic Dent Price Prediction 2021-2030


Lowest DENT Price ($)

Average DENT Price ($)`

Highest DENT Price ($)









































From January 2023 to this day, the token has seen a more than 45% price increase, which is quite positive, considering that the beginning of the year is usually not the best period for crypto markets.

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Dent (DENT) price prediction for 2023, 2025 and 2030

The DENT crypto price predictions we provide are based on the reports of reputable sources that use a combination of technical analysis (Moving Averages, Oscillators, Pivots) and historical AI data. By comparing past price trends, market cap, trading volume, circulating supply and other essential information, the forecast can help those striving to improve their investment strategies.

Dent coin price prediction for 2023

When looking into Dent's price for the remaining part of 2023, experts have rather different points of view. For example, TradingBeast mentions $0.003, while PricePrediction expects the coin to close the year at the $0.001 mark. Sceptics opt for a disappointing price drop, forecasting $0.0007 at the end of 2023.

Dent coin price prediction for 2025

When it comes to DENT cryptocurrency price prediction in 2025, sources like PricePrediction stay relatively bullish, expecting the coin to reach $0.004. TradingBeast also remains optimistic and estimates the $0.007 DENT price by December 2025. Pessimistic forecasts, in turn, do not count on more than $0.002 per coin.

Long-term Dent cryptocurrency price predictions are the most debatable

Dent coin price prediction for 2030

When looking into the distant future, the difference of opinions seems to be even more dramatic. This dissimilarity is understandable since long-term forecasts are the hardest ones to make. PricePrediction expects the DENT coin to continue moving upwards and reach at least the $0.006 point in 2030. TradingBeast is equally bullish, predicting a $0.008 DENT coin price by the end of the year. At the same time, the most unflattering forecasts mention $0.001 and even lower prices.

How High Can Dent Go

Considering the viable business model of Dent, one may assume that the price of its token will continue to rise as the project keeps growing. While some enthusiastic analysts expect the coin to hit the $8 mark, many others are way more prudent with Dent price predictions.

Nevertheless, if you invest at least one thousand USD in DENT now when its price is $0.003 and sell at $0.008, you will end up with $2,666, making a 166.67% profit (not counting possible trading fees/commission).


Just like with many other cryptocurrencies, DENT price predictions are inconsistent. While some sources boldly declare a steady upward trend, others remain uninspired. Although the project's history, reliable team and clear mission indicate that the coin's price is likely to increase, the high volatility of the crypto market ultimately calls the shots.

Judging by its previous performance and its developer team's dedication to succeed, the Dent coin could be a good investment. However, we recommend you do your own research before making any financial decisions.

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