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Mina Protocol (MINA) Price Prediction 2023, 2025 and 2030

08 Feb, 2023 11 min read
Mina Protocol (MINA) Price Prediction

The appeal of digital currencies has always been making fast, untraceable transactions from anywhere in the world, as long as you have your private keys and the security they provide. While Bitcoin was the first to offer this, other coins like EthereumSolana, and Mina have been created to offer improved mechanisms of operation, energy efficiency, and scalability. Mina (MINA) is a cryptocurrency that aims to address one of the main issues facing the blockchain industry: the large size of operation in the protocol. It uses an advanced privacy-oriented technique to reduce data sizes and make data interaction and validation more efficient. 

This focus on lightweight technology has been a driving force behind the coin's growth since its launch. The coin's high volatility in price movements makes experts and traders interested in Mina's price predictions. This article discusses Mina Protocol (MINA) Price Predictions for 2023-2030, letting you decide if it's the right time to invest in cryptocurrency today. 

What is Mina Protocol (MINA)?

Mina Protocol is a blockchain network that aims to solve the problem of scalability by reducing the size of data required for transactions. It uses a Proof-of-Stake mechanism and a data compression technique called zero-knowledge technology, allowing thousands of transactions to be processed per second with minimal data consumption. Each transaction on the Mina Protocol network requires only 20 kilobytes and can be completed in just 10 milliseconds. This makes it significantly more efficient than other blockchain networks like Bitcoin, which requires gigabytes of data to run a single transaction.

Mina Protocol offers an innovative solution for block validation by using advanced mathematical proofs known as "recursive zk-SNARKs", which allow for on-chain transactions to be confirmed with minimal metadata. This makes it possible for many users to run a full system node, thanks to the compact application size that can even be run on a mobile device. 

The Mina (MINA) coin was created to allow private interactions with websites, combining their data and smart contracts, making it stand out from other blockchain protocols. 

MINA History

Mina Protocol

The Mina (MINA) Protocol is a blockchain development created by O(1) Labs. The Mina Foundation governs it, a non-profit organisation led by CEO Evan Shapiro, featuring a founding team of experienced professionals from companies such as Zcash and Twitter. 

Since its launch in 2021, Mina has successfully facilitated private transactions through its zk-SNARKs system, which rewards new MINA tokens for blocking producers as an incentive for increased activity. The protocol has a strong track record of partnerships and funding, having raised $3.5 million in 2018 from notable investors such as Coinbase and Three Arrows Capital Ventures and an additional $15 million in 2019 from investors such as Brevan Howard and Circle Ventures. 

In 2019, the protocol changed its name from Coda to Mina following a lawsuit from blockchain firm R3. The Mina mainnet was officially launched on 23 March 2021 and, since then, has created over 200 staking pools. The protocol has also partnered with the Nil Foundation to connect the Mina network to the Polygon blockchain and with ChainSafe to improve the network's in-browser node functionality.

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Mina Protocol Whitepaper

The Mina: Economics and Monetary Policy whitepaper was published in October 2020.

According to the official documentation, "Mina is a layer-1 blockchain with a 22KB blockchain & zero-knowledge smart contracts ("zkApps") written in TypeScript."

The Mina Protocol utilises a unique approach to blockchain architecture by using zero-knowledge proofs to achieve a highly efficient and compact network. Traditional blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, become increasingly large over time as they accumulate data, requiring all participants to download and store hundreds of gigabytes of data.

In contrast, the Mina Protocol maintains a constant size of around 22KB, making it easy for participants to quickly sync and verify the current consensus state of the network. This is achieved through recursive zk-SNARKs, a form of advanced mathematical proofs that allow for on-chain transactions to be confirmed with minimal metadata.

Mina Protocol utilises zero-knowledge proofs, a cryptographic technique, to create an efficient blockchain architecture.

Ouroboros Samasika is a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism used by Mina Protocol. This mechanism allows for the selection of block producers, called "stakers," who are responsible for validating transactions and creating new blocks on the Mina blockchain. The selection of stakers is based on the number of MINA coins they hold and are willing to stake and other factors such as their reputation and network connectivity. This consensus mechanism allows for a more energy-efficient and decentralised network, unlike traditional proof-of-work mechanisms used by other blockchain networks.

How to Create New MINA Tokens

Mina Protocol utilises a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism known as Ouroboros Samasika, which divides network participants into three roles: Verifiers, Block Producers and Snarkers.

Verifiers use zk-SNARKs to prove the validity of the state of the network, which takes only a few milliseconds to verify.

Block Producers, similar to miners or stakers in other protocols, are incentivised through block rewards and transaction fees users pay. Users also have the option to delegate their stake to another Block Producer, eliminating the need to maintain a constant connection to the network. To maintain the conciseness of the blockchain, Block Producers are required to SNARK an equivalent number of previously added transactions for each new transaction they add to a block.

Snarkers produce zk-SNARKs to verify transactions and are compensated with posting fees paid from the transaction fees that would have otherwise gone to the Block Producer. The cryptocurrency of Mina Protocol is known as Mina, with an initial supply of 1,000,000,000 and is divisible into 1 billion units known as nanomina.

Mina Protocol (MINA) Price Analysis

Mina Protocol (MINA) Price History
Mina Protocol (MINA) Price History

When writing this Mina Protocol (MINA) price prediction on 7 February 2023, the Mina coin's price was $0.8324, with a daily trading volume of $87,763,363. Mina ranked #71 on CoinMarketCap, with a market capitalisation of $691,974,280, a circulating supply of 830,707,982 MINA coins, and a total supply of 824,104,972 MINA coins.

Mina Protocol (MINA) price statistics (as of 07/02/23)

Current price


Market cap


Circulating supply

830,707,982 MINA

Total supply

824,104,972 MINA

Daily trading volume


All-time high

$9.91 (01/06/21)

All-time low

$0.4214 (01/01/23)


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MINA price history

Let's consider the MINA coin's past performance before proceeding to the discussion of MINA crypto price predictions.

The MINA cryptocurrency was first made available to the public in the summer of 2022. On 1 June 2022, it reached its highest, $9.91. However, it experienced a price decrease, dropping below $1 the following month. Despite this setback, MINA recovered, reaching a peak of $6.57 on 11 November 2022.

In 2022, the crypto market faced a series of challenges and declines, with the MINA coin being no exception. After reaching an all-time high of $9.91 in June 2022, the coin experienced a significant drop, falling to below $1 the following month. Despite a brief recovery in March and April, market volatility caused MINA to reach a record low of $0.505 in October. The coin saw a further decline in November due to the collapse of the FTX exchange and closed the year at $0.4339, a loss of over 85% for the year.

In 2022, MINA, like many other cryptocurrencies, faced a difficult market with several crashes and declines. Despite initial positive developments, such as funding and being listed on Coinbase, the coin reached a record low of $0.505 in October. Despite some recovery efforts, it closed the year at $0.4339, with a significant annual loss of over 85%.

The year 2023 started on a low note, with the coin reaching another all-time low of $0.4214 on 1 January. However, interest has been resurgent, and the coin has seen an upward trend, reaching a value of $0.5175 on 11 January. With a circulating supply of 802,663,797 MINA out of a total supply of 824,104,972, the coin had a market capitalisation of approximately $415 million, ranking it as the 75th largest cryptocurrency.

MINA technical analysis

Mina Protocol (MINA) technical analysis
Mina Protocol (MINA) technical analysis

As of 7 February 2022, the overall sentiment for the Mina Protocol's price prediction is optimistic. Technical analysis indicates that 20 indicators signalled bullish, and only 6 signalled bearish. The Mina Protocol's current trading is above its 200-day simple moving average (SMA), signalling a "buy" for the past 4 days. The 50-day SMA is also signalling "buy" for the last 10 days. The last "Death Cross" in the Bitcoin market occurred on 17 January 2022. Based on technical indicators, the Mina Protocol's 200-day SMA is predicted to increase in the next month, reaching $0.635532 by 28 February 2023. The 50-day SMA is projected to reach $0.751693 by 28 February 2023. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) currently stands at 64.31, indicating that the MINA market is neutral.

Is Mina Protocol coin a good investment?

Based on current data and analysis, Mina Protocol appears to be a promising investment opportunity with solid fundamentals. However, it is important to note that cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile, and future price changes cannot be predicted with certainty.

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Mina Protocol (MINA) price prediction 2023-2030

Let's look at some of the MINA price predictions made as of 7 February 2023. 

CoinCodex MINA coin price prediction for 2023, 2025 and 2030

CoinCodex's MINA price predictions for 2023 are uncertain, with the site suggesting the coin could experience a drop to $0.491844 by 16 January 2023 before potentially recovering to $0.598367 by 11 February 2023. The site's technical analysis for the cryptocurrency was considered neutral, with 16 indicators signalling bullish signals and 9 indicating bearish signals.

DigitalCoinPrice MINA crypto price prediction for 2023, 2025 and 2030

According to DigitalCoinPrice, MINA has a positive outlook for the future. They predict the coin will trade at $1.02 in 2023 before rising to $1.82 in 2025. Additionally, they expect that MINA may reach a high of $5.38 in 2030.

WalletInvestor Mina Protocol (MINA) coin price prediction for 2023, 2025 and 2030

WalletInvestor had a negative outlook for MINA's price in the short term, with their prediction indicating that the coin could fall to a low of $0.04019 within a year.

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Mina Protocol future forecast in general

It is important to note that long-term MINA price predictions vary greatly, with some forecasting a decline in value while others predict significant growth. It is important to remember that cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile, and accurate long-term predictions are difficult to make.

How high can the MINA coin go?

According to MINA price predictions, the coin is expected to experience an upward trend in 2026. MINA is projected to reach and exceed its previous highest value that year. In 2026, the cryptocurrency is forecasted to be valued at $3.23, with a low estimate of $2.87 and an average prediction of $3.01.

MINA price prediction today

According to current market trends and analysis, MINA will likely see positive growth in the future. The crypto market is predicted to enter a new phase, and MINA is expected to attract more attention and interest. Based on projections, 2023 is expected to end with MINA trading at an average price of $0.95, with a minimum price of $0.92 and a maximum price of $1.12.

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