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Is Ripple (XRP) a good investment in 2020?

26 Jun, 2020 14 min read Eduardo Ricou
Is Ripple (XRP) a Good Investment in 2020?

These days, there are many investment opportunities: commodities, stocks, options, and, of course, cryptocurrency markets. If you're looking to choose a cryptocurrency to invest in, you're in the right place! We're going to do a broad overview of investing in Ripple.

You've probably heard how profitable investing in the cryptocurrency Ripple can be. But is this really the right time to rush in and accumulate Ripple? Is Ripple worth investing in? Who has already invested in Ripple (Who is invested in Ripple?)? In this article, we'll discuss everything about Ripple! How significant is its growth potential? What does it look like on the charts? Is Ripple a good investment? By the end of the article, you'll have a full understanding of the topic! Here's what I'll cover:

  1. What is Ripple (XRP)?
  2. What you should know before starting investing in Ripple
  3. Is XRP a safe investment?
  4. Who is invested in Ripple?
  5. Should I invest in Ripple or Bitcoin?
  6. Investing in Ethereum vs Ripple?
  7. Is Ripple worth investing in?
  8. Is XRP a good investment in 2020?
  9. How do I invest in XRP?
  10. The benefits of investing with StormGain

Ripple logo

What is Ripple (XRP)?

Ripple has a wide range of advantages for trading and transferring money. It contrasts with other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, for example, was planned fundamentally as an advanced resource to be used as a trading mechanism. Ripple (XRP), on the other hand, is a permanent framework for repaying and trading cash. It was organised and created by Ripple Labs using their local digital currency, XRP, to process exchanges quickly.

Ripple's gateway framework allows any individual or businessperson to make a transfer on the platform that let clients create their own gateways. A registered user can be approved as a broker who trades, stores liquidity and more.

Ripple doesn't utilise blockchain to offer accord. Instead, it sums up information using a hash tree and processes this information over its approving servers. In contrast to most other cryptocurrencies, XRP can't be mined. All 100 billion XRP tokens were delivered and disseminated when the coin launched. Right now, XRP is one of the largest digital currencies by market cap and is seeing far-reaching use by financial institutions around the world.

Ripple is an official association that has earned the trust of numerous banks. Banks are increasing their investments in XRP among all the assets they hold and use. Ripple controls and owns an astounding 62% of all existing XRP coins. That has naturally stressed XRP financial specialists. Ripple's reaction was to lock up 55 billion coins. On the other hand, a broad perspective on the topic shows that Ripple was built to be, and stands as the gate for institutional money inflow. This is very important to keep in mind. We all know that when the world economic system switches to crypto in the future, it will only happen through solutions such as Ripple. Vast amounts of institutional money will begin investing through Ripple. Years of work and adoption have proven the technology's security and reliability. Ripple is always forward-looking.

Ripple's CEO on China's grip on crypto

What you should know before starting investing in Ripple

Ripple XRP allows less expensive and quicker transfers than its rivals. The company represents a rapid exchange framework, which permits a client to finish an exchange within 3 minutes. The high-speed deals make it possible to cut transaction costs and time spent by 45%-75%. The flexible convention makes an exceptionally versatile tool that can adjust according to market patterns.

The group behind Ripple is focusing on 1500 transactions per second in the not-so-distant future, which is higher than rivals are currently capable of offering. The company's primary objective was to create a payment system that would be used by banks to facilitate the transfer of funds in both international and domestic markets. Today, many financial institutions have already started using Ripple.

Is XRP a safe investment?

Ripple has associations with foundations in the financial world, and many national banks have just made changes to consolidate Ripple within their organisations. Their participation is confirmation of the trust that Ripple has earned. Financial professionals and banks are joining Ripple every day. So, when you invest in Ripple, you're standing on par with major banking corporations.

The main difference between Ripple and other popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, is that Ripple is a centralised version of a decentralised technology. Bitcoin and the Ethereum are supported by miners that process and verify transactions. None of them has any real control over the blocks. Ripple transactions are controlled by specific financial institutions such as RBC, UBS and Westpac.

One thing that makes Ripple stand out from most of its competitors is the small price per token (currently $0.20). The low token price means that anyone with a small budget can contribute to Ripple, meaning XRP offers a great investment opportunity. It's possible to start investing with any amount, buying just a couple of coins. If the price goes down, you can always add more to your position.

Ripple transactions are much faster and cheaper than those the Bitcoin network offers. Ripple started as an official association at its core, which will be used by banks. Solutions based on Ripple allow you to trade any cash or goods (like gold) with low commissions. Organisations recognise Ripple's advantages among their competitors.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau mentions Ripple

Who is invested in Ripple?

As mentioned above, Ripple is known for its large partnerships with banks. Banks have invested and continue to invest in Ripple for many years. As you may know, the banks have a good understanding of where to invest money. In times of crisis, banks are among the first to receive financial assistance and government support.

Ripple investors

Should I invest in Ripple or Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital form of money, but unlike ordinary fiat currencies, it is not controlled by a central bank. Instead, the backbone of Bitcoin financial system management is thousands of computers distributed around the world. All transactions in this network are done through blockchain.

A blockchain is a register or general ledger, which is intended solely for adding information. Once data has been recorded in such a record, it is virtually impossible to change or delete it. A blockchain provides this by having a pointer to the previous block, in each subsequent block. Anyone can take part in this ecosystem after installing certain open-source software.

Bitcoins are produced by changing the chain of records maintaining accounts managed by computing systems. Miners confirm exchanges and add them to the Bitcoin blockchain, which is filled in as a record of all movements in the system. In exchange for their time and computing power, which are important for approving the report on these operations, miners receive a reward from the blockchain network when a certain number of exchanges are approved.

However, unlike Bitcoin, Ripple does not use the mining process to verify transactions. Instead, the network achieves consensus by using its own customisable algorithm.

The algorithm is managed by a network of independent verifying hosts that constantly compare their transaction records. Not only can anyone configure and run a Ripple validator node, but they can also choose which nodes to trust as validators. However, Ripple recommends that your customers use a list of identified trusted members to validate their transactions.

Sending XRP is very fast. The system accepts transfers in just a few seconds, while Bitcoin's transfer time exceeds 30 minutes. In addition, XRP can handle 1500 transfers per second, while Bitcoin can only handle 7. That makes the advantages of XRP as a payment method readily apparent.

Bitcoin and Ripple each solve important problems, and both technologies are important. Therefore, it would be reasonable to invest in Ripple and Bitcoin. In the medium- and long-term, the advantages of such investments are great. Here are the charts of price dynamics of BTC and XRP:

A comparison of BTC and XRP's growth.

According to history, once Bitcoin enters a bullish phase, XRP is likely to join the momentum and follow its bigger brother with a heftier market capitalisation.

Investing in Ethereum vs Ripple?

Ethereum is a platform for application developers based on decentralised blockchain technology (dApps). Ethereum's coin, Ether, and Ripple act as a payment method. It's worth adding both coins worthy to your investment portfolio.

Is Ripple worth investing in?

The monetary and economic systems are subjected to various tests that require new, fresh, out-of-the-box ideas. At this point, we're witnessing an enormous transition from the old era to the new digital era. Those who can recognise this transition and be prepared will adapt the fastest and benefit the most from it.

The cryptocurrency market is now stabilising, after a long two-year bear market. We are finally moving on to a bull market. Those who caught the 2017 bull market know full well that it was just a warm-up for the upcoming advanced bull market we're now witnessing. You may still wonder if this is the best time and moment to start investing in Ripple. Without a shadow of a doubt, you should start looking at the asset, and here's why.

The XRP/USD pair is approaching the end of the descending triangle pair.

Currently, the coin is trading below the 200-Day Moving Average in the $0.20 range. After it crosses the 200MA and breaks through the diagonal resistance, its price is likely to rise.

The volume of investments has increased significantly compared to the previous accumulation period preceding the breakthrough. The daily chart is below.

XRP nearing the end of triangle consolidation, daily chart.

Every investor is probably asking how much to invest in XRP. We should keep in mind that the price is still consolidating. It'll be likely to continue trading in the range of $0.11 to $0.24 before it breaks through. It's difficult to predict the exact time when the price will break through resistance. It's better to prepare in advance and deposit money into your account, and to start investing in Ripple at comfortable prices.

From the position of mid-term and long-term investors, these prices are a gift.

Earlier, on 4 January 2018, the record high price level was $3.84. Since 2018, Ripple's lowest price was $0.11, which it reached on 13 March 2020.

When forecasting the potential return on investment in Ripple, even if the price reaches half of the previous rate of $1.50, we're talking about a massive price increase of almost seven times or more.

Are you still wondering "is Ripple a good investment"? The growth potential of Ripple is higher than Bitcoin's. Compare these two scenarios and think about which is more realistic: Bitcoin reaching $70,000 compared to its current price of $9500 or Ripple growing from $0.11-0.20 to $1.50? I hope you have an idea of Ripple's investment potential.

XRP Price$0.203977
XRP ROI3,372.64%
Market Rank#4
Market Cap$8,998,020,669
24-Hour Volume$1,445,810,841
Circulating Supply44,112,853,111 XRP
Total Supply99,990,976,125 XRP
Max Supply100,000,000,000 XRP
All-time High$3.84 (4 Jan 2018)
All-time Low$0.002802 (7 Jul 2014)
52-Week High/Low$0.505467/ $0.115093
90-Day High/Low$0.245920 / $0.115093

XRP Price, Supply, Rank, ATH and ATL.

Is XRP a good investment in 2020?

Ripple is among the most promising digital currencies, known for its solutions with wide real-world application and partnerships with banks.

Digital money, cryptocurrencies and Ripple itself are made to improve our global economy and increase transparency in remittances.

Governments recognise the value of all the work done in this area. At this moment, no matter what challenges Ripple faces, its future is bright.

The work done by Ripple inspires confidence that in the future, the company will continue to develop and create new, better technologies.

How do I invest in XRP?

Are you wondering how to invest in Ripple? Investing in Ripple is quite easy. All you need to do is add funds to an exchange and then buy or sell Ripple through the platform. I would recommend trying StormGain as I found it to be one of the most reliable and secure solutions on the market, with many advantages and bonuses over its competitors. After depositing funds and buying a Ripple or any crypto wallet such as BTC, ETH or LTC, you can withdraw it to any crypto wallet you like, or simply keep it directly on the cryptocurrency exchange and track when to buy or sell an asset.

A trusted digital exchange is what you need to track your investment. You can find a complete guide on how to buy Ripple in our blog.

But here are the simple steps to invest in cryptocurrency:

  1. Register an account on StormGain.
  2. Buy Ripple or any other cryptocurrency via bank transfer or credit/debit card, or by exchanging Bitcoin or another crypto.
  3. The platform will exchange your funds for the chosen amount of Ripple with the lowest fees in the whole market.
  4. When Ripple is in your wallet, track your venture by staying aware of Ripple price and market trends.
  5. At this point, you're ready to take profit, sell or withdraw Ripple (XRP).

The benefits of investing with StormGain

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StormGain is an award-winning platform for trading, exchanging and buying cryptocurrency. Available as a handy app for your smartphone or online, StormGain's mission is to make the crypto market accessible to all. This makes it ideal for beginners who want to invest in Ripple and other cryptocurrencies.

The key benefits of investing in StormGain include:

  • The best rewards for trading and managing crypto assets, including up to 20% rebates on trading fees, up to a 15% bonus on deposits and up to a 10% annual interest bonus on holdings.
  • The ability to trade cryptocurrency pairs with up to 200 times the multiplier, is higher than any competitor.
  • Built-in secure crypto wallets for 6 most popular cryptocurrencies, including Ripple.
  • Comprehensive educational program including webinars, manuals and a full-featured demo account allowing you to try out the platform before depositing.
  • A variety of payment methods to easily buy Ripple or other cryptocurrencies for real money.

The StormGain platform has been highly praised by financial publications, professional traders and ordinary users for its ease of use and very low commissions and fees. If you want to invest in Ethereum and profit from its future price increases, it's time to register with StormGain and enjoy the best benefits and professional support in the crypto industry!

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