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Uniswap (UNI) price prediction for 2023, 2025 and 2030

24 Aug, 2023
Uniswap (UNI) price prediction

Uniswap and other decentralised exchanges emerged to counter centralisation issues, enhancing accessibility and security. Uniswap leads in decentralised exchanges, handling billions in trade. Despite its history of investor satisfaction, 2022 disrupted the crypto market. The UNI token now trades at $4.61 with limited bullishness. What's next for Uniswap? Explore the Uniswap (UNI) price predictions for 2023 and beyond.

What is Uniswap (UNI)?

Uniswap is a unique cryptocurrency platform that operates through a decentralised peer-to-peer exchange using an automated market maker (AMM) system. This system allows for the efficient trading of cryptocurrency assets and improves upon traditional exchanges. By integrating with Ethereum, Uniswap introduces two smart contracts that generate interest, giving it a distinctive feature.

One key aspect of Uniswap is that it allows liquidity providers (LPs) to contribute to liquidity directly. This feature of Uniswap is crucial as it eliminates the need for token mining and promotes transparency by removing intermediaries and permissions. Instead of dealing with individual cryptocurrencies, digital assets are paired together, ensuring that liquidity is regulated for each specific pair.

Uniswap operates as a decentralised protocol for automated liquidity provision on the Ethereum network, and its launch of the UNI token on 17 September 2020 surprised the cryptocurrency world. This move proved a game-changer for those who held Uniswap, as they suddenly became millionaires. This sparked a wave of discussions within the crypto community about the platform's governance tokens.

Uniswap History

Uniswap, the decentralised exchange, debuted in November 2018. Operating as a dApp on the Ethereum blockchain, this platform facilitates the conversion of Ether into various ERC-20 tokens. The allure for liquidity providers lies in Uniswap's provision of commission fees as incentives. The introduction of Uniswap's cryptocurrency in 2020 brought forth its utility for purposes like voting rights and foundational advancements. 

In 2021, the Uniswap token had an impressive performance, reflecting the overall trend in the cryptocurrency market. In January, UNI was valued at a modest $5, but by month's end, its value surged to $20. The Uniswap price surged to $30 by the end of February. Real-time fluctuations in Uniswap's price can be tracked using the provided widget. But what sparked the tremendous growth of the Uniswap project in the preceding year? The foremost reasons lie in the platform's user-friendly design and its seamless integration with the MetaMask wallet. Additionally, users retain complete control over their private keys. This simplicity set Uniswap apart from other decentralised exchanges, whose interfaces lacked the same level of intuitiveness.

Uniswap Overview

Uniswap Protocol

Uniswap empowers developers, traders, and liquidity providers (LPs) within a secure financial ecosystem. Its adaptable Automated Market Maker (AMM) system is the most efficient AMM in DeFi. The deployment of Uniswap V3 contracts on the Polygon Mainnet in December 2021, following UNI holder approval, elevated sentiment and value.

Uniswap listed on Robinhood

Robinhood's listing of UNI and a substantial Total Value Locked (TVL) of $5.17 billion affirm Uniswap's leading position as the largest DEX, poised to shape the market with its community-driven approach.

UNI White Paper

Uniswap UNI Whitepaper

As stated in the whitepaper, Uniswap uses blockchain-based smart contracts to enable the decentralised trading of different digital assets. Pairs of these assets are exchanged through liquidity pools managed by smart contracts that rebalance after each trade. The Uniswap blockchain acts as a digital ledger and dynamically updates it to reflect user trading activities. Operating without a central authority, Uniswap serves as an automated market maker.

Uniswap currently runs on Ethereum and has transitioned from proof of work to proof of stake in 2022. Users can engage with Uniswap's decentralised exchange in various ways:

  • Create markets. Smart contracts facilitate the creation of new exchange markets for different pairs of digital assets.
  • Swap via existing markets. Uniswap allows users to swap assets through established decentralised markets.
  • Provide liquidity and earn. Users can contribute liquidity by staking their assets and receiving UNI rewards.
  • Governance participation. UNI token holders have governance rights proportional to their UNI holdings.

To join the Uniswap network, users need to connect via compatible wallets.

UNI Benefits

Uniswap uses smart contracts to create liquidity pools, provide liquidity and facilitate asset swaps. It eliminates the need for a centralised order book, third-party custody or a private order matching engine. One of Uniswap's unique features is its automatic rebalancing of reserves after each trade, ensuring continuous usability of its pools for token transactions. Unlike traditional exchanges, Uniswap does not require matching with specific counterparties to complete trades.

The main advantages of Uniswap crypto include the following: 

  • Uniswap facilitates the decentralised trading of numerous digital assets.
  • Smart contracts enhance asset trading, potentially making it more cost-effective and streamlined.
  • Uniswap users can accrue UNI tokens by committing to retain their cryptocurrency holdings, offering an additional avenue for rewards.
  • The platform's decentralised governance structure welcomes broad participation, enabling anyone to engage and contribute.

Uniswap (UNI) Price Analysis

At the time of writing this Uniswap (UNI) price prediction on 23 August 2023, the Uniswap token price was $4.68, with a daily trading volume of $111,224,602. UNI ranked #25 on CoinMarketCap, with a market capitalisation of $2,701,019,857, a circulating supply of 577,501,031 UNI, and a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 UNI.

UNI price statistics (as of 23/08/23)

Current price


Market cap


Circulating supply

577,501,031 UNI

Max supply

1,000,000,000 UNI

Daily trading volume


All-time high

$44.97 (03/03/21

All-time low

$0.006478 (31/07/20)


Uniswap (UNI) price history

The history of Uniswap price provides essential context for understanding its past performance and potentially predicting its future. After its market debut in September 2020 at $6.50, UNI experienced a rapid decline, closing at $2.80 by 7 October and reaching a low of $1.89 on 4 November, representing a 70% decrease from its initial value. The year concluded with UNI priced at $5.17. In 2021, UNI saw significant growth driven by a thriving market. It surged from $5.25 on 11 January to $29.14 on 20 February, an impressive 455% increase in a short period. Reaching an all-time high of $44.97 on 3 May 2021, UNI dipped to $14.60 on 20 July but recovered to $31.30 on 1 September, ending the year at $17.07.

Facing challenges in the cryptocurrency landscape and a potential crypto winter in 2022, UNI struggled. It plummeted from $17.81 on 16 January to $3.37 on 18 June, an 81% drop. However, a resurgence followed with the acquisition of Genie, pushing UNI to $6 on 26 June, and news of its listing on Robinhood drove the price to $9.74 on 28 July. Market fluctuations then led to a price of approximately $6.55 on 27 September 2022. Although UNI rebounded to $7.75 on 7 November, it was affected by the collapse of the FTX (FTT) exchange, resulting in a dip to $4.77 on 9 November. Amidst these fluctuations, a partial recovery brought the price to around $5.33 on 22 December 2022. At that time, 762.2 million UNI tokens were circulated out of 1 billion.


As of 23 August 2023, Uniswap's price is $4.68, making it the 26th-ranked entity in the crypto market. With a circulating supply of $2,702,544,640.76 and a market cap of 577,501,031 UNI, its value has increased by $0.15 in the past 24 hours. Over the last week, UNI has experienced a significant increase of 25.26%. This growth suggests that now might be a good time to consider investing in Uniswap. In the past month, UNI has surged by 23.22%, adding $1.09 to its current value. This impressive surge indicates the potential for UNI to become a strong asset if its growth continues.

Uniswap (UNI) technical analysis

Uniswap technical analysis
Uniswap technical analysis

As of 23 August 2023, the prevailing sentiment regarding the Uniswap price prediction is bearish. Technical indicators indicate a potential drop in Uniswap's 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) to $5.47 by 22 September 2023. The short-term 50-day SMA is projected to reach $5.03 by the same date. The Relative Strength Index (RSI), a commonly used momentum indicator, currently stands at 25.64, indicating that the UNI market is oversold. This RSI assessment suggests a forthcoming decrease in the price of UNI.


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Uniswap Price in 2023

The projected price range for Uniswap in 2023 is estimated to be between $6.15 and $9.23, with an average price of approximately $7.69 for UNI.

Uniswap (UNI) Price Prediction for 2023-2050

Now, let's try to predict the future by looking closely at the Uniswap crypto price predictions for 2023 and beyond made by popular crypto price forecasting platforms. 

WalletInvestor Uniswap price prediction for 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040 and 2050

As per WalletInvestor's Uniswap crypto price prediction, the platform has expressed a bearish perspective on Uniswap. Their projection indicates the possibility of the Uniswap (UNI) token dropping below $1 to approximately $0.616 by the conclusion of 2023. Furthermore, their predictions foresee a potential decrease to $0.159 by December 2025 and a further decline to $0.0245 by December 2027.

PricePrediction Uniswap crypto price prediction for 2023, 2025 and 2030

PricePrediction presented a more positive outlook for the future of Uniswap. According to their analysis, they projected an average price of $7.78 for UNI in 2023, exceeding the Uniswap token's current price by over 50%. Their forecasts also indicated a potential upward trend, with expectations of reaching $16.14 in 2025, $35.08 in 2027, and even surpassing its previous all-time high to reach $50.96 in 2028. Their Uniswap price prediction for 2030 was even more optimistic, at $106.54.

CoinCodex Uniswap (UNI) price prediction for 2023, 2025 and 2030

Based on CoinCodex's Uniswap price prediction, a 7.26% decrease is anticipated, forecasting a price of $4.33 by 28 August 2023. The projected lowest price for Uniswap in 2024 is approximately $4.07. Conversely, an optimistic projection indicates the potential for Uniswap to surge to $10.74 in the upcoming year.

Long Forecast Uniswap token price prediction for 2023, 2025 and 2030

As outlined in Long Forecast's Uniswap price prediction, the token is anticipated to conclude 2023 at $3.81. Moving forward to 2025, the projected UNI cryptocurrency price will decline to $0.92. However, beyond 2026, the cryptocurrency is forecasted to bolster its position and experience growth, reaching a value of $2.11.

Gov Capital Uniswap token price prediction for 2023, 2025 and 2030

Based on Gov Capital's Uniswap price prediction, the outlook for Uniswap (UNI) appears strongly bullish compared to its state in 2022. Notably consistent, the projection indicates a potential surge to approximately $10.36 by the end of 2023.

Uniswap future forecast in general

With the current value of UNI standing at $4.68, coupled with its market capitalisation of $2,701,019,857, there is undoubtedly an air of optimism permeating the distant crypto landscape, fuelled by the Uniswap price forecast.


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How high can UNI go?

According to PricePrediction, Uniswap token price can be $106 in the foreseeable future.

Uniswap price prediction today


According to the price forecasts provided in this article, Uniswap is expected to have an average trading price of $5.59 by December 2023. The analysis also highlights potential fluctuations, with the lowest predicted rate at $5.15 and the highest at $6.03.

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Is Uniswap a good investment?

Uniswap's increasing popularity and growing liquidity make it a potentially profitable investment in the coming months. However, potential investors need to be aware of the possible consequences of a fee switch in the protocol.

Does the Uniswap token have a future?

The future of the UNI token is promising due to the platform's ongoing development by the native government. This ensures growth for the UNI token in the coming years.

How high can Uniswap reach?

Uniswap's potential peak in February 2024 is projected to be $10.73, while the average price is expected to hover around $10.03.

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