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Top 10 NFT games without investment

19 Apr, 2022 4 min read Eduardo Ricou
Top 10 NFT games without investment

Now that the NFT gaming sector is booming, many people would be interested in trying their hand at these games. However, many NFT games require an initial investment, and there's no guarantee that the investment will pay off. Therefore, NFT games with no investment are of particular interest to beginners. In this article, we'll highlight the best and most popular NFT games with no investment.

Play-to-earn NFT games

Play-to-earn NFT games are computer games that have NFT built into their gameplay and allow players to earn money. Unlike traditional economic games with money withdrawal, NFT games run on smart contracts stored in a blockchain. Non-fungible tokens in such games serve as various in-game valuables. While playing a play-to-earn NFT game, the player receives some in-game assets, usually in NFTs, the game's native cryptocurrency or both. Players who own these assets can either use them in the game or sell them to other players. Cryptocurrency gained during the game or by selling NFTs can be withdrawn to a cryptocurrency exchange and sold for fiat money.

How to earn in NFT games without investment

NFT games that you can start playing and earning without investment do exist. The main methods of profiting in NFT games without investment are as follows:

  • Selling NFTs obtained in the game. You can often get them for free for completing quests, as a gift from the developers or by upgrading freebies from the starter kit.
  • Selling the game's native cryptocurrency. In many NFT games, players can get cryptocurrency for participating in in-game activities, which can be sold later.
  • Staking the game's cryptocurrency. Some games offer the option to stake cryptocurrency earned in the game.

But you should be aware that you'll have to compensate for the lack of investment by spending time, sometimes quite a lot of it. This can cause the game to become routine and no longer fun. If you're not afraid of that, or you just want to try yourself at such games, we have prepared a list of the 10 most popular NFT games that you can play to earn without investment.

Top 10 free NFT games without investment

The Sandbox

Blockchain: Ethereum.

A virtual metaverse in the sandbox genre with Minecraft-style pixel graphics. Besides playing existing games, users can also create and monetise their own. The platform includes a fully functional editor for creating models and animations, allowing users to create and trade their own game objects.

The Sandbox's website

Gods Unchained

Blockchain: Ethereum, Immutable X.

A fantasy-themed tactical trading card game reminiscent of such giants as Magic: the Gathering and Hearthstone. The game has beautiful graphics and dynamic gameplay. All cards and characters in the game are NFTs.


Blockchain: Ethereum.

A football-themed collectable card game with NFT cards of popular real-life football players. The starting 5 cards are free, and that's already enough to take part in virtual tournaments. The developers have entered into a partnership with a number of well-known football clubs to produce NFT cards of real football players.

Sorare's website

Crypto Kitties

Blockchain: Ethereum.

The first NFT game created back in 2017 is still alive and has many fans. It's a virtual pet game that allows players to breed and trade virtual cats.

Crazy Kings

Blockchain: Ethereum.

A game that combines the popular genres of tower defence and collectable card games. The game already has more than 600 levels and is still evolving. Unfortunately, it's currently only available on iOS. Despite that, the game has had more than 1 million downloads worldwide.

Crazy Kings' gameplay


Blockchain: Flow.

A monster-taming action MMORPG with 3D graphics. The gameplay revolves around monsters called "chainmons". Players can catch, train, breed and trade chainmons and use them to fight against other players. The whole game economy is player-driven, and almost any in-game item is an NFT. Even though the game is still in closed beta status, it has already attracted a lot of attention from gamers.

Thetan Arena

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain.

An eSports game with MOBA and Battle Royale modes. The game was created with a focus on the Asian audience and has over 23 million players.

Thetan Arena's website

The Six Dragons

Blockchain: Enjin.

A fantasy-themed open-world RPG reminiscent of Skyrim. It's a very ambitious project with a 256 km² map of the game world, featuring 1 billion randomly generated dungeons. The player can gather useful resources, create unique items and trade with other players.

Town Star

Blockchain: Ethereum.

A competitive farming game in a town-building simulation genre. The player's goal is to build a profitable city by producing and selling goods. The most successful players are rewarded with tokens.

Lost Relics

Blockchain: Enjin.

An action-adventure RPG resembling Diablo. The player ventures into dungeons full of traps and monsters to retrieve NFTs in the form of relics and other in-game items. The game was released in 2019 but is still evolving, with regular events and encounters.

Lost Relics' website.

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