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Top 10 Emerging Crypto Trends for 2024 – 2025

10 Apr, 2024 7 min read
Top 10 Emerging Crypto Trends

It's never too late to discuss cryptocurrency market trends. 2024 started better than most of us expected. With the anticipated Bitcoin halving and Bitcoin ETF approval, many users began paying more attention to emerging crypto trends and new investment opportunities. What are the current crypto trends in 2024, and what is the next cryptocurrency to explode in 2025? Let's explore the new and emerging crypto trends for 2024 and beyond, ranging from AI crypto projects and ETF to staking and layer 2 smart contracts. 

10 Crypto Trends for 2024

The market has been bullish since the beginning of the year, with multiple currencies revealing optimistic growth trends. To avoid being unfounded, we'll give at least the example of Bitcoin, whose value recently reached its new historical maximum of more than $73,000. More is yet to come. Analysts strongly advise closely monitoring the newcrypto trends for 2024 and beyond. If you are wondering what's trending, the following review of the current crypto trends should be helpful. Let's dive in! 

Bitcoin Ecosystem

Bitcoin should undoubtedly be featured at the top of our cryptocurrency trends list. Since the beginning of 2024, the #1 cryptocurrency has maintained its dynamic movements. Following the Bitcoin ETF approval and upcoming halving, the cryptocurrency is the trendsetter this year, with some forecasts anticipating it to increase by 123% within a year. 

Besides, Bitcoin integration with DeFi and NFTs is also expected to unlock innovation opportunities. 

Web 3.0 for a More Personalised Internet

Web 3.0 has already gained public interest. In 2024 and beyond, the next generation of internet technology is expected to create many waves as users wishing to fund their websites without relying on large corporations prefer to use it. 

Rather than that, Web 3.0 makes the Internet more personalised. Users will have more control over their personal data and online interactions. 

We'll witness more integrations of Web 3.0 with the gaming industry, metaverse, NFTs, AR and VR, social platforms, etc. 

Rather than that, cryptocurrency will gain increasing acceptance with Web 3.0. This will specifically impact cryptos linked to the third version of the Internet, like Ethereum and Helium. 

Crypto ETF approval

What is ETF approval?

We've already mentioned ETF several times in this article about the new and emerging crypto trends for 2024. What is ETF approval, and why does it cause so much buzz? 

As for the crypto ETF meaning, Exchange-Traded Fund approval is a regulatory process. When successful, it can increase the accessibility and legitimacy of cryptocurrencies in the financial market. 

Bitcoin ETF was the pioneer that debuted on the New York Stock Exchange in 2021 and created a new way to invest in crypto. With the BITO Bitcoin ETF, investors can buy cryptocurrency directly from traditional investment brokerages using their accounts on platforms like Fidelity or Vanguard.

However, some experts and analysts assume that the BITO ETF is insufficient because it cannot hold the crypto directly. Though the fund may be linked to Bitcoin, it still possesses future contracts for Bitcoin, making it impossible to track Bitcoin prices directly. 

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NFT Market Growth

It's not the first time NFT has been spotted on the list of cryptocurrency market trends. However, the NFT market continues to attract more artists and creators interested in accessing decentralised funding opportunities, giving them the freedom to finance their creations. 

Security is one of the significant benefits of creators joining the NFT market. Plus, NFTs make it possible to authenticate the ownership of digital assets.

AI Crypto Projects

Our list of the new and emerging crypto trends in 2024 would be incomplete without mentioning AI, which has been advancing in the crypto world in recent months.

As the name suggests, AI crypto projects directly relate to the AI venture. They can be involved in blockchain protocols and decentralised web platforms. AI tokens can serve a variety of purposes and functions. For example, people can use them to pay for platform services, and the platforms, in turn, can use AI tokens as rewards to pay users. 

As of spring 2024, there are nearly 90 AI crypto projects registered. Some of the most vivid examples include, the value of which increased by 329% between mid-February and mid-March 2024.


As the name suggests, restaking lets you leverage staked assets in Proof-of-Stake blockchains to earn additional rewards.

How does restaking differ from staking? In staking, validators on the Proof-of-Stake blockchain network can stake a certain amount of the network's native token to earn passive income. In restaking, validators stake previously staked assets again on a different platform to enhance the asset's utility and potential rewards. Restaking allows staked assets to be leveraged on additional decentralised protocols, bringing additional rewards to validators and nominator stakes.

cryptocurrency market trends

EigenLayer is commonly referred to as a pioneer of restaking. Founded in 2021, EigenLayer is a restaking protocol where Ethereum validators can stake Ether on additional services in the EigenLayer ecosystem. As part of the restaking process, Ethereum validators can earn additional passive income while contributing to the security and operation of different decentralised services. 

Layer 2 Smart Contracts

Layer 2 smart contracts are gaining wider adoption in the crypto market. It's one of the emerging crypto trends for 2024 and beyond, facilitating the scaling of cryptocurrencies. Unlike cryptocurrencies belonging to the Layer 1 blockchain networks, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, L2 solutions are built atop the existing Layer 1 infrastructure to enhance scalability, speed and the overall efficiency of the underlying blockchain. 

Some of the most vivid examples of Layer 2 smart contracts cryptocurrencies are Arbitrum (built on the Ethereum layer-1 blockchain) and Polygon (MATIC), which now boasts over 350,000 daily active users and fast transactions of up to 7,000 per second. 

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Green Energy Adoption

Green energy adoption is one of the emerging crypto trends for 2024 and beyond. The trend is driven by the significant impact of cryptos (especially the ones that consume a lot of energy for mining and processing transactions) on the environment. The trend has received a growing public interest following the discoveries of the negative impact popular assets like BTC have on the environment. For example, Bitcoin mining only churns around 40 billion pounds of carbon emissions in the USA. 

Green cryptos, like Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL), are designed to consume less energy than traditional blockchains. Unlike older networks, environmentally conscious blockchain projects often use more energy-efficient consensus mechanisms. 

The adoption trend of cryptocurrency green energy is expected to continue and expand as the industry evolves and more projects adopt a more sustainable consensus mechanism.

Real-World Assets

RWAs (real-world assets) are a new, emerging trend in cryptocurrency. They refer to the tokenisation of tangible assets existing in the real world, such as artworks, commodities, stocks, etc. Stablecoins are another famous example of RWAs, where a tokenised version of fiat money brings a stable exchange unit in the volatile crypto world. Other examples include Tether and Circle, which issued tokenised stable assets backed by bank deposits and physical gold in 2014. 

Besides bringing stability to the highly volatile world of cryptocurrencies, tokenised real-world assets enhance transparency and efficiency by allowing assets to be traded and securely held. 

Ethereum ETFs

Besides the much-talked-of Bitcoin ETF approval, we shouldn't forget about Ethereum ETFs as one of the emerging crypto trends in 2024. Analysts predict Ethereum ETF will become one of the major factors in the bullish market movements in 2024. According to Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas, there is a 70% likelihood that the Ethereum ETF will be approved by May 2024. 

Following the Ethereum ETF approval, we anticipate witnessing an increased interest in Ethereum-based projects and a growing adoption of Layer 2 networks, which should result in a more innovative crypto ecosystem. 

Key Takeaways for 2024 Investors

Considering the new and emerging crypto trends for 2024-2025 highlighted in this article, we can conclude that the crypto market keeps growing and maturing. The crypto market is becoming more integrated with traditional financial systems. New crypto trends such as Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF applications are the best proof of that. 

Besides, the industry is increasingly focused on adopting green energy and launching environmentally friendly cryptos and blockchain projects. Technological advancements shouldn't be left without proper attention, either. AI and crypto are innovative duos that will change how we trade and stake. 

However, despite keeping a close eye on new and emerging crypto trends for 2024, you should always research before investing in cryptocurrency. 

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How can I spot trends in cryptocurrency?

Spotting new crypto trends involves combining technical analysis, understanding market psychology, and staying informed with industry news, regulatory rulings, and new product launches. 

Should cryptocurrency be regulated?

This is a complex question, and opinions may vary. While some experts insist that regulation can protect investors and cause the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, others assume that decentralisation is the feature that makes crypto unique. It shouldn't be changed by any means.

Will cryptocurrency be the future of money?

The future of cryptocurrency is a hot topic of discussion. Due to its highly volatile nature, crypto will hardly replace fiat money. The regulatory landscape is crucial in determining whether crypto will replace traditional money. While some countries have adopted crypto, countries like China still consider crypto transactions illegal. Cryptos have the potential to replace traditional money. However, their future depends on many factors, including regulatory developments, technological advancements, market dynamics, etc.

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