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$60,000 for one Bitcoin. Will it go higher? And do cryptocurrencies have an inherent value? How do we properly go about choosing a position for a long-term purchase or shorter-term trade? You'll find out the answer to all these questions and more in our Crypto Report 3.0 #CryptoTradingRules, which was prepared by StormGain's team of analysts.

Why Crypto Report 3.0? Because Bitcoin, the first and main currency in this market, has now had three halvings. After each of them, Bitcoin has risen rapidly to record new all time highs. We hope that the knowledge and valuable information contained in this study will help your portfolios go from strength to strength.

Minimal theory, maximum practice. We offer only the most salient crypto trading advice, including recommendations of how to view and perceive this relatively new market. What to invest in and what to trade.

We've also included in the report a crypto portfolio for investors, as well as updated crypto trading strategies for beginner and professional traders alike. You can get the signals for these strategies in a dedicated closed Telegram channel available only to subscribers.

If you're new to the crypto market, you'll definitely find a lot of useful and important information in the report. In the interactive part, you can take free classes on technical analysis to help you trade crypto with a strong theoretical and practical underpinning.

Enjoy the read!