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Crypto wallet

Take advantage of our built-in wallet to hodl and exchange your crypto assets.

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StormGain's multi-currency wallet

StormGain's built-in multi-currency wallet provides an easy way to secure, manage and exchange your funds whenever and wherever you want. All you need to do is to register and add funds to your wallet!

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Full crypto options

Whether you're looking to exchange, hodl or transfer your assets, StormGain's crypto wallets let you do just that with its built-in tools.


Available 24/7

Access your wallet 24/7 worldwide from any device.

The shield

Top-level security

Rest assured with industry-leading security protocols and strong encryption.

The wallet

Absolutely free

StormGain's built-in wallet is completely free of charge.


Exchange Tokens in Wallet

Hedge your portfolio by exchanging your coins for Gold and Silver tokens in your wallet.

all-assets wallet

All your digital assets in one place

Quickly access all of your crypto assets — BTC, ETH, BCH and many more.


What does StormGain's crypto wallet offer?

StormGain features an in-app crypto wallet for you to hodl and exchange your cryptocurrency. The blockchain-based digital wallet uses checksums to validate all of your transactions to make sure they reach the right destination. You can also use your StormGain crypto wallet to check the price of cryptocurrencies against each other or USDT.

The StormGain crypto wallet supports the 6 most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin and Tether (USDT). 

What devices does the crypto wallet work on?

StormGain's crypto wallet is built into our trading platform. That means wallets are accessible from any device that can run StormGain. This includes mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS, as well as desktop or laptop computers running Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

StormGain's crypto wallets are accessible 24/7 from any device, so you can buy, trade, and exchange cryptocurrency on the go from your mobile phone or from the comfort of your desk. StormGain's award-winning mobile app makes it easy to exchange cryptocurrency using just your smartphone.

How do I download StormGain's crypto wallet?

The crypto wallets are built into the StormGain trading app. To get a wallet, just download and install the StormGain app in Google Play for Android phones or the App Store for devices running iOS. You can also access the StormGain platform from your Windows, Linux or Mac device. The crypto wallet is completely free for all StormGain users.

It only takes a few seconds to register with StormGain. Once you've logged in using your credentials, you'll automatically have access to 6 crypto wallets and be able to see the amount of cryptocurrency in each. You'll also see the price of each cryptocurrency in USDT.

What is the best way to add funds to my wallet?

StormGain makes it easy to add funds to your wallet. Simply open StormGain in the app or web platform and log in with your credentials. Then select 'deposit' next to the desired cryptocurrency.

StormGain makes it easy to deposit cryptocurrencies into your account using a debit/credit card or SEPA bank transfer. That means you can add funds to your crypto wallets using fiat currency, such as US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros. You'll see the cryptocurrency's price before you make the deposit. Transactions are validated on the blockchain using checksums and verified by our partners, CoinMarketCap and Bits of Gold.

Can I earn 12% annual interest from the funds in my account?

StormGain clients can enjoy up to 12% annual interest on any cryptocurrency they have stored in their crypto wallets and get discounts of up to 20% on commissions, depending on their wallet balance.

What advantages does StormGain's crypto wallet offer?

StormGain's integrated crypto wallets make trading, hodling and exchanging cryptocurrency faster and easier than ever before. All your cryptocurrencies can be accessed from the same place, making managing your crypto portfolio super easy.

It takes only 5 seconds to register with StormGain and use 6 crypto wallets. Wallets are protected by two-factor authentication, industry-leading security protocols and strong encryption to ensure your cryptocurrency is safe at all times. Crypto assets are partially stored in hot wallets for operations, while most are held in cold wallets for extra security.

Download the StormGain Wallet now!

Enjoy quick access to all of your crypto assets — BTC, ETH, BCH and more — stored in one place.

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