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Rules of participation in the Refer a Friend programme

What is the purpose of the Refer a Friend programme?

This programme was created as our way of thanking clients who use our platform and recommend it to their friends.

How can I participate in the programme?

To take part in the programme and get paid for referring your friends to us, you must:

  1. Have an active StormGain account
  2. Sign in to StormGain
  3. Go to the Refer a Friend tab in the platform, copy the referral link and share it with the people you would like to invite to the platform

    Stormgain app screenshotStormgain app screenshot
  4. As soon as the first new client uses your link to register for StormGain, you'll automatically become a participant in the programme.

What are participants paid for?

Participants get 15% of their referrals withdrawn USDT mined with the free BTC miner.

Which period will be used to calculate my referrals' trading activity?

If other clients use your link to register, you will earn and receive payment for the duration of any referrals' trading activity. In other words, there's no time limit on earning.

How many friends can I refer as part of the Refer a Friend programme?

You can refer as many people as you like.

When will I receive payment?

Any payment due shall be credited to the referring client's trading account in USDT on the last day of each calendar month.

How can I find out how many people have registered using my link?

Go to the 'Refer a Friend' tab on StormGain to see how many people have registered using your link.

How do I find out how much I will be paid for my participation in the programme?

Go to the 'Refer a Friend' tab on StormGain to find out how much you'll be paid at the end of the current month for participating in the 'Refer a Friend' programme. This tab contains details on the reward amount you'll be paid at the end of the current month.

How frequently do you update information on the reward due in my personal account?

We update information on the reward due once every 24 hours at 21:00 GMT

Additional provisions:

  1. StormGain Limited reserves the right to change the terms of the programme at any time.
  2. StormGain Limited reserves the right to exclude any client's account from participation in the programme without explanation and to remove any reward already earned by such client.
  3. A single client may not create multiple accounts to participate in the programme. In cases where it is discovered that one client has created several accounts with the intent to participate in the programme, such client shall be immediately disqualified from the 'Refer a Friend' programme and all rewards earned by such client automatically forfeit.
  4. Please bear in mind that registration via the Refer a Friend Programme is available through the web version only. Links sent from the mobile app will not connect your account with a referral. If you want to invite a new user, invite them to register via the web version using your link. Make sure to copy the entire link without any extra characters or spaces. Using an incorrect link may result in an invited user not counting as your referral.

Generate your referral link

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