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To register and start trading, you only need your e-mail address and password. Choose between the desktop or mobile version and dive into crypto trading in just five seconds.
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Learn how to trade, deposit and exchange step-by-step using our education section with video lessons.
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Test it & Trade it

Choose a demo account to test our platform first or choose a real one to start trading immediately. You can easily and quickly switch between these accounts as much as you want using the toggle switch in your account.
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Deposit crypto using your bank card in 5 minutes. Just choose the crypto you want and get it on your wallet. Exchange it for USDT and start trading immediately. Or join the Interest Rate Programme and get a 10% bonus for your deposit.


Exchange your crypto at the lowest rates. Deposit your crypto or buy it using a bank card and exchange it with the most popular currencies.
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Trade with leverage of up to 300x.
For example, if you invest in BTC, and the price of BTC changes by 3%, your investment went up 3%. But if you use 10x leverage, you'd get +30% profits instead of 3% without leverage.
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Get signals

Make profit!
Set up Take Profit and Stop Loss orders and use trading signals. These instruments were developed to give you more confident and make you comfortable when trading on the crypto market so you can focus on making a bigger profit.