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Getting started

Here are the 4-step instructions on how to start gaining profit with StormGain

Easy 4-step process



Create a free account on our website or StormGain app by using your email and password only.


Make a deposit

To start crypto trading, you will first have to transfer crypto into your account from other wallets or exchanges.


Buy, sell, exchange cryptocurrencies

If you want to buy or sell crypto with USDT and a chosen multiplier, you can access the terminal on the website or app in one click. You can also exchange one crypto asset to another by choosing a preferable pair and amount of asset you want to exchange.


Operation complete

Once you hit the "Buy/Sell" button, we will complete the purchase in near real-time at the price of the coins at the time of the transaction. Or you can choose the exact price you want the deal to be completed.

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