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Crypto Options Trading

Take advantage of Crypto Options’ volatility and earn profit when Cryptocurrencies are less volatile.


Why should I trade Crypto options?

  1. Maximise Crypto Volatility (..even during crypto winter)
  2. Higher returns
  3. Greater exposure
  4. No SWAP costs

What are Stormgain Crypto Options?

  • Crypto Options differ from traditional options, in that they are derivative instruments that provide the ability to trade on the price fluctuations of the underlying crypto asset without the necessity of actually owning the crypto asset itself, while traditional Options give the right to purchase or sell an asset at a future date.
  • When trading Crypto Options, you’ll be gaining or losing the difference between the opening and closing price of the position, depending on where it was trading at when the Crypto Option contract was activated.

Why Choose Stormgain for Crypto Options Trading?



StormGain offers a simple interface with educational videos and trading signals that helps trading beginners get started.


All in one crypto platform

StormGain has all the functions you'll need to work with crypto: trade, exchange, hodl or transfer your assets.


Crypto Options FAQ

Why should I trade Crypto options?

There are numerous benefits of trading Crypto Options on StormGain. With Crypto Options, you have the opportunity to expand your portfolio. You can use Crypto Options to hedge and improve risk management. You also stand the chance of making exponentially more profit than you would trading traditional cryptocurrencies.

Can I use Crypto Options for speculative strategies?

Speculation is a perfectly legitimate strategy of aiming for a significant gain quickly while willing to take a bigger risk. This is another approach from that of a long-term investor, and Crypto Options could be a helpful tool in a speculator’s arsenal.

You can either use:

  • Long Call = Buying a Call Crypto option
  • Long Put = Buying a Put Crypto option

For more details about these strategies please read here.

Can I use Crypto Options for hedging?

Yes, you can.

Crypto Options helps to hedge your portfolio by allowing you to maintain the relative price of your investment in the underlying asset, while reducing loss when the market goes against your “put” or “call” postions. Better yet, trading Crypto Options allows you to hold your crypto asset without actually trading the asset itself, and still make profit if price goes up or down, by buying a put or call option, depending on your bias in a given period.

What determines the price of Bitcoin options?

There are several  major factors that determine the value of Bitcoin Option:

  • The price of Bitcoin itself, of course.
  • Market volatility is another key factor. Higher volatility of the underlying asset typically means a higher price for the associated Crypto Options.
  • The expiration date: the more time there is until expiry, the more likely it is that the Option will reach or exceed its strike price.
  • Finally, the supply and demand for specific Crypto Options will also influence its price.

How to trade Crypto Options?

Log into the StormGain platform. Select on the menu; “Trading”, and choose the “Options” section (in the web terminal, you need to click on the “plus” button, in mobile application scroll to “Options” ). They are listed as a subsection of the underlying asset with different types (Call and Put), expiry months, and strike prices.

Can I make more profit from trading Crypto Options rather than the asset itself?

Yes you can.

Crypto Options, by nature, have higher impulse movements than their underlying crypto assets, which makes them more volatile. Add the already volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, and you have an increased opportunity of making huge returns compared with trading traditional options alone.

Additionally, traditional cryptocurrencies are prone to extended periods of price consolidations, which can make trading them relatively less profitable at those times. Trading the more volatile Crypto Options during these periods allows you to earn more profit.

Can I leverage trade with Crypto Options?

Leverage trading is available on StormGain for Crypto Options. Although it is important to note that Crypto Options are extremely volatile by themselves, even compared with traditional Crypto assets. Therefore, we advise that you be extremely cautious using leverage while trading Crypto Options.

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