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Guide to an easy start with cryptocurrency

We've simplified all the steps you'll need to start with cryptocurrency on StormGain. In just a few minutes, you'll learn how to buy, earn, trade, mine and withdraw cryptocurrencies.

How to start cryptocurrency trading and investing

Here is our short guide on main cryptocurrency activities you can make in StormGain. You can also check our detailed instructions How to Buy Crypto and How to withdraw crypto and crypto education video tutorials.

Step 1: Registering on StormGain

All you need to start cryptocurrency trading is your e-mail address and a secure password. You can choose between the desktop or mobile app. Registration can be done in as fast as 5 seconds.


Step 2: Test and trade it in a demo account

Learn how to trade cryptocurrency with our demo account. Practise and improve your trading skills on StormGain by choosing a demo account to get familiar with our platform or start trading immediately with a real account. You can quickly and easily switch between them using the toggle switch in your account.


Step 3: Deposit funds with your bank account

Deposit crypto using your bank card in as little as 5 minutes. Select the amount and cryptocurrency you want and receive it in your wallet after confirmation. Exchange it for USDT and start trading immediately. 


Step 4: Exchange your cryptocurrency

Exchange your cryptocurrencies at the lowest rates. Deposit your crypto asset or buy it using a bank card and exchange it with the most popular currencies. Check our video on how to start a crypto exchange.


Step 5: Start cryptocurrency trading

Trade with leverage of up to 300x.

For example, if you invest in BTC, and the price of BTC increases by 3%, your investment goes up by 3%. But if you were to use 10x leverage, you'd make 30% profit instead of 3% without leverage.


Step 6: Use our free trading signals and trade confidently

Make real trades comfortably and earn profit with our free signal feature. Set up Take Profit and Stop Loss orders and use trading signals. These instruments were developed to give you more confidence and make you comfortable when trading on the crypto market so you can focus on making a bigger profit.


Download our mobile apps

or use the web version

Start crypto mining
Start crypto mining

Use our cloud cryptocurrency mining tool to mine Bitcoin and earn additional crypto. Check out our guide on How to start mining cryptocurrency 2023

How to start staking cryptocurrency
How to start staking cryptocurrency

A risk-free way to earn passively with your crypto holdings: Live your life, stake your crypto and earn up to 8% APY paid out daily. You can withdraw your passive income anytime. Check out our page about staking crypto.

Learn about cryptocurrency with our free crypto education

Learn about cryptocurrency with our free crypto education

Learn how to trade, deposit and exchange crypto using our education section with step-by-step video lessons. Our tutorials were prepared by expert traders with significant experience in cryptocurrency trading.


Start your crypto journey with StormGain

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