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Bitcoin lifts to post yet another 2020 high

20 Nov, 2020

For most of the European morning and early afternoon Bitcoin had been treading water, trading in between 18,200 and 18,300. However, since the US reopening the lead cryptocurrency has lifted to fresh 2020 highs, as it rises past the previous high, set earlier this week at 18,479. The move higher came right as the US equity markets began trading for the final session of the week. Bitcoin has traded to as high as 18,742 so far, but it may not be finished with yet. Much will depend on the degree of fresh appetite to take this higher ahead of the weekend. It has enjoyed a great run this week so far and once again the technical picture could come into play if the price does extend too much further today. As stated many times over already in recent days and weeks; the trend is higher, but at some point it will undergo a correction. The question is how far will it rise before that kicks in. Bitcoin is just now trading at 18,685

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