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Bonus BTC, lower commissions: Season’s Greetings from StormGain

24 Dec, 2020

The holiday season is upon us, and StormGain would like to extend our warm wishes of happiness and prosperity to all our valued clients. In fact, we’re lending a hand with that through a couple of special bonuses for our traders!

Get more BTC, pay less

Bitcoin reached new all-time highs in December, and BTC traders certainly have plenty to cheer about as 2021 draws near. Some predictions claim that the price of the original cryptocurrency will climb up to $50K or more. More and more traditional financial institutions are buying up BTC, and since the total supply is limited, the money-minded are thinking about only one thing this holiday season: go for Bitcoin!

To help everyone get Bitcoin over the holidays, we’re temporarily increasing the leverage for BTC/USD up to 300x, so you have the leverage you need to go big on Bitcoin. As icing on the cake, commissions on BTC/USD are also cut in half!

More prizes to win

In addition to making it easier to win more BTC in regular trading, StormGain is running a series of special giveaways with a top prize of a whole free Bitcoin. Other prizes include a MacBook Pro, PS5 and bundles of real and bonus funds. Find out how you can snag these great prizes here.

Happy holidays and happy trading!

As we take some time out for ourselves and our families, the chance for new holiday gifts and surprises is always at your fingertips thanks to the award-winning StormGain app. Enjoy the best bonuses and lowest commissions in the market as we wish you good fortune for this year and the next!

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