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Ethereum (ETHUSD) makes a move below 375

15 Oct, 2020

Ethereum (ETHUSD) did suffer another drop below 375 again yesterday, but once again the move was not sustained and the price rebounded again, to back above 380 earlier this morning. However, since the European opening it has been losing more ground and now it has made a more concerted move below that 375 support level. This move was almost certainly propelled by the drop below 11,300 in Bitcoin. However, and unlike Bitcoin there has been no rebound of note since the price reached 370.60 a few moments ago. In fact, it is not far above that level right now and remains under pressure. The next support level of any note beyond 370, is the 10 day moving average which currently resides at 363.50. ETHUSD is just now trading at 370.80

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