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Ethereum reaches new record high in weekend trading

12 Apr, 2021

On Friday the Quick news outlook for Ether (ETHUSD) was clear, and the outlook for a move closer to $2500 was clearly indicated. Well, that has not been seen yet, but the rise on Saturday, above 2100 has set in place a new record high for Ether. It topped out at 2195.75 on Saturday. The move higher was clearly in front of Bitcoin and leading that one higher. The price did fall back below 2100 yesterday. As with Monero and Bitcoin, there is a weekend price gap to 2100 which was the exact high point on Friday and that could easily be filled today. The overall trend is solid and intact again at the start of this week and there is little to detract from what was said about this coin here last week. The Asian range so far today has been set at 2124.75 to 2161.99. It is currently trading at 2153.35

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