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Free crypto and fantastic bonuses awarded to our lucky holiday draw winners

21 Jan, 2022

Over the holiday season, StormGain ran one of our most exciting promotions to date: a multi-round prize draw with escalating prizes, starting with account upgrades and culminating in a cryptocurrency giveaway in the final round!

From 6 December to 9 January, active traders on StormGain who maintained a certain trading volume received tickets for a series of four prize draws on StormGain.

The winners of these draws received a free upgrade to their account status in the StormGain loyalty programme. Each upgrade (Gold to Diamond, Diamond to VIP, etc.) grants extra bonus funds on deposits, lower commissions, and, most importantly, increased speed on the Bitcoin cloud miner that allows users to earn free BTC while using StormGain. Only one status upgrade could be awarded per user.

Here's how many prizes were awarded on each draw:

  • Draw 1 (10 Dec) - 50 upgrades
  • Draw 2 (17 Dec) - 100 upgrades
  • Draw 3 (24 Dec) - 150 upgrades
  • Draw 4 (10 Jan) - 200 upgrades (+5 crypto prizes)

To ensure fairness and security from any tampering, all the draws were conducted with, an optimised randomiser tool that offers truly random selections by leveraging atmospheric noise rather than predictable mathematical formulae. The draws were open to the public, so anyone could watch as they happened in real-time. Now 500 StormGain clients, new and old, are enjoying their supercharged accounts.

Five high-value cryptocurrencies as top prizes

As an extra-special reward to ring in the new year, the final draw also included free cryptocurrency as VIP prizes. As part of the final draw on 10 January, StormGain gave away five different crypto coins in addition to the account upgrades. These were:

  • Bitcoin (BTC), current value $41,747
  • Ether (ETH), current value $3114
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH), current value $381
  • Litecoin (LTC), current value $140
  • ZCASH (ZEC), current value $130

The prizes were in real crypto, not in their USDT equivalents, so the winners are free to trade, hold or withdraw their prize coins based on their own strategies. What would you do with a free coin if you received one?

Keep your eye on the prize with StormGain

Whether you were one of the lucky prize winners or not, there's still every chance to win some extra goodies during the next promo event. As 2022 begins, the new season of trading has just started, bringing more opportunities on StormGain.

"At StormGain, we believe that the spirits of trading and gaming go hand in hand, and we love to offer a little extra to our clients in the form of trading tournaments, contests, and sweepstakes with great prizes," said StormGain CEO Alex Althausen. "The community response has been fantastic and heartwarming, with users really motivated to play smart and keep up their trading volume to qualify for the prizes. The fact that some of our sweepstake winners registered just in time to participate shows just how easy the platform is for new people to pick up and use all our tools to become successful traders. This has been our biggest giveaway yet, but of course, we're already thinking about exciting new promos and events to top it. Watch this space!"

The benefits of the StormGain loyalty status and cloud miner can be earned by anyone during the course of normal trading, so if you're not a StormGain client, make sure why not register for free to find out how StormGain can maximise the gains you earn in crypto trading. Remember to keep an eye on your news section for new events. When the next giveaway comes around, you could be one of the lucky ones to get some valuable bonus crypto on top!

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