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How do you make money on the $500,000 growth of bitcoin?

Fri, 11/29/2019 - 12:00

The cryptocurrency market is growing, and experts are predicting bitcoin to grow by $500,000. How do you earn money before those expert predictions become a reality, and what is needed to earn even more? Discover what opportunities StormGain, the official sponsor of Newcastle United, offers to traders!

Last week, the head of the payment and settlement solutions department of the Central Bank of China, Mu Changun, said that the national cryptocurrency will replace paper money and coins. At the same time, Chinese commercial banks and other financial institutions will create tools based on the national cryptocurrency. This news was positively accepted by crypto-traders, which led to the growth in cryptocurrencies.

However, the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market made it possible to earn money, specifically for those traders who didn’t just rely on their own funds when making transactions, but also used the multiplier. Using the multiplier allows you to significantly increase profits from trading. However, not many sites provide this opportunity. On most platforms, traders can use multiplier up to 1:5, which does increase profits, but only minimally. A good example here is the StormGain trading platform, which provides the ability to use a multiplier up to 1:100, significantly increasing the amount of potential profit. Trading with the multiplier is simple - just register on the StormGain trading platform and make a deposit in your account.

If you do not feel very confident in the cryptocurrency market, it is important to listen to the opinions of experts, as well as have the opportunity to practice. Bobby Lee, a fairly well-known figure in the cryptocurrency market and the former head of BTCC, the oldest Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, stated: “Today, the capitalization of gold is about $8 trillion, which is 50 times more than the Bitcoin market. According to my forecasts, cryptocurrency will be ahead of the precious metal within 9 years, and the price of BTC will exceed $500,000. Given the scale of the global printing of money, BTC could cost more than $1,000,000.” And although this forecast is quite bold, for proponents of Bitcoin growth, it is an important confirmation of their perspective. In addition, such verbal interventions are a good trigger for the growth of this cryptocurrency.

How do you make money on the $500,000 growth of bitcoin?

If you are afraid to immediately buy Bitcoin, hoping for its growth, then it’s time for you to try your hand at trading on the demo accounts of the StormGain trading platform. Demo accounts are totally similar to real accounts, in regards to their functionality. You can make transactions for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, set stop-loss and take-profit, as well as use the technical analysis feature, multiplier and trading signals. The demo account offers 50,000 USDT (1 USDT = 1 USD), allowing you to test a wide variety of trading strategies without risking personal funds.

Sign up for StormGain, the official sponsor of Newcastle United, and get the opportunity to use all the features of the cryptocurrency market. Test trading opportunities with StormGain demo accounts, get the opportunity to earn many times more using the multiplier, as well as take part in the ticket draw for the Newcastle United match as part of Crypto Friday! By the way, the next Newcastle United match against Southampton will be held on 7th of December! Hurry up and take part in the draw to enjoy the great game and the possibilities in the cryptocurrency market!

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