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How trading signals can help you stay ahead of the pack

29 Feb, 2020 3 min read
trading signals

When you’re just starting out on your crypto trading journey, it’s not always easy to know what instruments are worth your time and which you shouldn’t touch with a ten-foot barge pole. And even once you have identified which coins you’d like to trade, picking the right moment to enter and exit the market is much easier said than done. Obviously you need to have a general strategy of your own before you start risking your capital, but sometimes that’s not enough by itself. In trading, you need to be fast. As soon as a suitable opportunity arises, you have to be ready to strike in seconds. Even the best strategy in the world won’t help you make big money if you’re always late to the party. And that’s where trading signals come in…

What are trading signals?

A trading signal is a recommendation or tip either created by a human analyst or generated by a trading bot. Signals give you all of the salient information you need to make a profitable trade before the rest of the market cottons on. That’s why they are so useful for beginners, especially in a marketplace as volatile as crypto. Typically, a good signal will advise you as to what instrument to buy (or sell), at what price, with what level of leverage and will even tell you where to set your stop loss/take profit orders for an optimum risk-to-reward ratio.

Why are they so effective?

The aim of the game in trading and investing is to be among the first to take advantage of a given opportunity. It’s not hard to identify trends just as they’re waning and about to reverse – the challenge is seeing them before everyone else does. When you use signals, you gain access to the latest expert analysis in a succinct, actionable format. That means that you’ve already opened your position while the independent traders are still working out all their trade parameters.

Accessing signals in StormGain

Using StormGain’s concise, convenient and comprehensive trading signals is as easy as pie. Start by going to the “Markets” tab on the StormGain app and selecting your desired cryptocurrency. On the coin’s chart, you will find a “Signals” button. When you click it, the signal will appear, giving you full details of the optimum direction, deposit and multiplier for the trade in question. In the signal description, you will also find information about where to set your stop loss/take profit orders. If you are happy to proceed, simply hit “Use Signal”. You don’t even need to enter the parameters manually, the app takes care of everything. All you have to do is confirm your selection on the next page and, hey presto, you’re already on your way to making a profit!

Try them for yourself

We really hope you found this overview of trading signals useful. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just taking your first tentative steps out onto the financial markets, signals could be just the edge you’re looking for. In a game where speed is everything, why not give yourself a head start over the competition with ready-to-use, quality trading tips from StormGain? You can even try them for free to see just how effective they can be. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. So sign up for StormGain now if you haven’t already and start making money with our expert crypto trading signals!

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