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More mainstream banks embrace crypto as savvy traders cash in

More mainstream banks embrace crypto as savvy traders cash in

10 Jan, 2020
2 min read

Even with the dreary winter weather approaching, the outlook remains sunny for crypto enthusiasts. The view on the international markets reveals a rallying of prices and greater acceptance among traditional banks.

For starters, Bitcoin recently recovered its value after a sharp drop. The price of the popular cryptocurrency reached its high of $7,870 on Friday, before settling in the $7,200-7,500 range.  Bitcoin futures also continue to grow in popularity. According to Skew portal, the total trading volume in bitcoin futures markets reached $5 billion per day.

Top banks in Germany and Japan welcome cryptocurrency

More positive news came from Germany, the European Union’s economic powerhouse. The German Parliament passed a law allowing financial institutions to purchase, sell and keep bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. These new regulations came into effect on January 1st, 2020. With German banks on board, the new decade will be a good one for crypto traders.

Meanwhile, in Japan, the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) is set to co-launch a “digital currency” and mobile payment service in conjunction with the Japanese human resources network, Recruit. MUFG is one of Japan’s largest companies and the world’s fifth largest bank per S&P Global.

Beat the banks with the best way to exchange crypto

The cooperation of banks shows how crypto and fiat currencies are building closer relationships. Crypto traders want to be able to make fast and fair exchanges between cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and fiats like dollars or euros.

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Crypto trading has never been easier

One of the reasons why banks are becoming increasingly more open-minded, when it comes to crypto, is that trading cryptocurrency is now much more accessible to ordinary people. Thanks to modern technology, anyone can trade or exchange cryptocurrency on their home computer or even a smartphone.

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