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StormGain from inside, interview with the team: Vera Beliavsky, SMM Manager

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 05:00

We're proud to present to you a series of interviews with StormGain team members, who are in charge of creating our cutting-edge platform. Today we’re talking withVera Beliavsky, StormGain SMM Manager, who has vast experience in crypto sphere.

First, who are you, where are you from and how do you fit in the StormGain team?

I am a French teacher, hitchhiker, gamer, DC fan, crypto advocate, and a charming young lady. I’m always on my phone, chatting and sending messages, and now I can certainly say that I how to use these services to its fullest. I am a brazen and boorish girl with several illusions about what this world should look like. I joined the StormGain team after working on several other crypto projects and I strongly believe that experience matters in this sphere.

Vera Beliavsky

Vera Beliavsky

SMM Manager


What does StormGain mean to you?

StormGain provides a unique opportunity to build a crypto project in a proper way it should be. As this platform appeared on the stage during the second “wave” of crypto projects, we can easily aggregate and redraft all common mistakes achieving success in a limited time. We truly want StormGain to become a platform for everyone, where you will be welcomed despite your experience in crypto or lack of it.

What is your biggest achievement so far with StormGain?

My job is all about building strong communities and efficient communications. So, I believe the clear and friendly atmosphere in our social networks, and the reliable support system to be my biggest achievement. However I do not consider it strictly mine as it is hard for me to highlight something without mentioning the team’s efforts.

What do you think StormGain offers to people that no one else does?

As a platform, we are trying to build an equally useful product for beginners and professional traders, for those who believe in crypto, and those who just discovered this new world. I strongly believe that the credibility of this product is based on the simplicity of the processes lying underneath it.

Where would you like to see StormGain down the line in terms of development?

As I’m not the person of technologies, I would say that any product updates bring us closer to the main target - trust of our users. From my point I would like to see a big, strong and loyal community that will help us grow and achieve higher results.

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