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Crypto Newbies: the easy way to get into the crypto game

Crypto Newbies: the easy way to get into the crypto game

04 Jan, 2020
2 min read

So, you’ve been hearing about cryptocurrency for a few years now and a friend of a friend made a nice bit of cash trading Bitcoin. And then another one. And another one. Clearly, crypto isn’t going away anytime soon. 

Want to get in on the action, but don’t know how? Bitcoin has been around for a decade now and you no longer need to be a super-geek to get into cryptocurrency. In fact, thanks to modern trading platforms, it’s never been easier.

StormGain – crypto trading made easy

StormGain is a fast, user-friendly crypto trading platform that lets you trade cryptocurrencies 24/7 on the web or your smartphone, using our Android and iOS apps. Thanks to our easy to use and responsive app, success on the crypto market has never been more accessible or convenient. 

Quick and easy registration

What do you need to become a crypto trader? Just an email address. Sign up here with one click and start trading within 5 seconds. From your laptop. From your smartphone. Anywhere. Anytime.

Education and training

Not everyone was lucky enough to become a crypto expert back in 2010, but it’s our job to make you one today! Learn how to trade crypto fast with StormGain’s help. Our platform has a built-in educational program with training videos and regular information updates to help you become a crypto expert. In just a few minutes, you can learn what tether is and about other cryptocurrencies, how to open trades, manage profits and risks, and other useful information on cryptocurrency trading.

Demo mode

Dipping into the trading world can be intimidating, we know that’s twice as true for crypto. That’s why we give you a chance to see exactly how StormGain works without using your own money. Try StormGain free of charge and free of risk with our demo account with 50,000 USD to play around with. 

Clear and transparent user interface

Would you believe it, we designed our crypto platform for real humans! That’s right, crypto doesn’t have to be cryptic. Our clean UI is not just easy on the eyes, but simple to understand, and it always gives you the information you need for your decisions. With StormGain, you always know what you’re doing and we’ll be upfront about any commissions or fees. And why wouldn’t we be? StormGain is proud to have one of the lowest commission rates on the market. Our clients can easily fund an account with cryptocurrency or fiat money, choose a cryptocurrency to trade with and open a trade in just a few clicks. 

In-app trading signals

So, you’ve got the app and you’re ready to start trading. StormGain offers a 1:100 multiplier on your trades, so if you get the right coins, you can really maximize your profits. But which coins should you buy? Which should you sell? With StormGain, our support doesn’t end after the training. We provide in-app trading signals 24/7, with advice from our financial experts on what to buy and sell. Never miss an opportunity!

Want to take the first steps on your way to becoming a crypto trading expert? Then get StormGain today and let us help you master the market.

Welcome to StormGain — crypto trading platform!

Trade with 200× multiplier.