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How is StormGain cloud miner different and better than any other miner?

01 Oct, 2020

StormGain recently introduced our new Cloud Miner tool. This killer feature enables users to mine their very own cryptocurrency right from their phone or whatever device they use to access StormGain. By enabling StormGain Cloud Miner, you can take advantage of our dedicated mining hardware remotely and reap the rewards — freshly mined coins right into your StormGain wallets. After that, trade them on StormGain and enjoy your profits.

Mine crypto in the cloud, don’t melt your machine

Perhaps you’ve thought about crypto mining but didn’t feel like investing thousands of dollars in stacks of electricity-guzzling GPU rigs. Or maybe you didn’t have the time to make sure they were all maintained and cooled 24/7. Don’t worry! We’ve already done all that hard work for you.

Cloud Miner is hosted on our remote cloud servers, meaning it doesn’t strain your processor, drain your battery, or affect your normal device use at all. Best of all, it’s completely free.

Some people pay for cloud mining, but not with StormGain

You may have heard about cloud mining services like Genesis Mining that work by renting out their mining hardware for monthly fees. That’s fine if you want to pay for it, but here at StormGain, we’re not renting — we’re sharing.

StormGain’s key differences and advantages

There are several cloud mining services out there, such as Genesis Mining, Bitcoin mining pools, Hashnet, or Eobot. But they all require users to put money upfront as maintenance fees or investments in the hope that the eventual crypto reward will turn a profit. Users take a big risk here and lose control over their money without any guarantee that they’ll turn a profit in the long term.

With shadier cloud mining companies, there may be no evidence that any cloud mining takes place at all. Those companies may simply misappropriate user fees. Moreover, cloud mining companies often lock you into long contract commitments with penalties for early termination. The typical cloud mining service operates on an unfriendly model for consumers. StormGain offers a new way to cloud mine that puts users first.

StormGain Cloud Miner doesn’t charge any fees, eliminating the risk factor of unknown ROI. Because we know that more crypto for clients means more trading gets done, every StormGain user can participate in cloud mining at no cost to themselves.

The StormGain Loyalty Programme gets even better

Starting from 1 October, the StormGain Cloud Miner offers even more advantages to StormGain Loyalty Programme participants. Crypto mining speed increases depending on your Loyalty Programme status. The coefficient of the mining speed of cloud mining starts at x0.5 for standard users, increasing for Gold (x1), Platinum (x3), and Diamond (x12) members, all the way up to x530 at the highest VIP tier.

This is in addition to the generous benefits previously included, such as commissions discounts for trading and exchange, interest on crypto holdings for 30 days, and deposit bonuses. Learn all the advantages of the StormGain Loyalty Programme here.

How to use StormGain Cloud Miner

To mine crypto with StormGain, just log in to your account, open the Cloud Miner option, and hit 'Start Mining' to connect to our cloud services. Hit the ‘Start Mining’ button every four hours to stay connected to the mines and reap the rewards. Once you’ve earned 10 USDT worth of your chosen cryptocurrency, you can trade or exchange the new crypto on StormGain. Any profit you make from your trades (and with up to 200x leverage, you can make a lot of profit on StormGain) is yours to keep. Trade, convert, spend, and enjoy life.

Start mining with StormGain

If you’re not part of our community yet, you’ll be pleased to know that it takes just 5 seconds to register with StormGain, which is available on the web as well as a user-friendly smartphone app for iOS and Android.

In addition to mining crypto for free, StormGain clients benefit from low trading fees and commissions, the ability to buy crypto with a range of bank cards quickly, and the best perks and promotions in the business. Beginners can even get up to speed on all things crypto via our comprehensive built-in educational program.

So what are you waiting for? Download the StormGain app and sign up to see for yourself. Trade, hodl, exchange, and mine the currency of the future today!

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Want Bitcoin for free?

Try our Bitcoin Cloud Miner and get additional crypto rewards based on your trading volume. It's immediately available upon registration.

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