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No profit, no commission: Trade fair with StormGain

20 Feb, 2021

At StormGain, we believe that crypto trading is for everyone. And everyone — beginners and experts alike — deserves fair terms when participating in this exciting market. That's why we're proud to announce our new promise to all our clients. In addition to offering you the lowest fees in the industry, from now on, commissions on the StormGain platform will only apply to profitable trades.

Why are we doing this?

The typical economic model in the crypto market (and in the broader asset trading space) is that the broker takes its cut whether you profit on a trade or not. Whether you win or lose money, it's all the same to them. But at StormGain, we like to do things differently. We know that the success of our company and our clients goes hand in hand, and that should also apply to profits.

How does it work?

All trades on StormGain will now be opened with 0% commission by default, no matter what currencies you're trading. The difference comes into place when the trade is closed. If the trade is closed without earning any profit, we won't charge you any money. But if the trade makes a profit, StormGain takes a 10% profit share. In a nutshell, you only pay us when you earn on a successful trade.

This fair trading system will make unprofitable trades less risky and commissions less onerous by making sure they only come with a handsome profit to the user!

The fairest trading model in the industry

The crypto market is oversaturated with models that don't put your profitability first. But at StormGain, we care about making all our clients great traders. Instead of punishing people for making an unprofitable trade, we give our customers every advantage we can to make them better traders.

Effective trading takes time, practice and long-term commitment. That's why we provide a full suite of free educational materials, from beginner's tips up to advanced market strategy and a comprehensive loyalty programme with significant rewards for users who keep up their trading long-term. This includes up to 12% APR interest on crypto holdings. Combined with our free Bitcoin cloud miner and our new no-commission model, it's easy to see why StormGain leads the pack in providing the fairest profit model in the whole crypto trading world.

Excited to try out the fairest crypto trading platform on the market? Register with StormGain and start trading Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum and a wide range of digital assets with up to 300x leverage in just a few seconds!

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