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StormGain upgrades loyalty program with even better benefits

15 Jun, 2020

StormGain is proud to announce that we will be offering even more amazing benefits through our client Loyalty Program.

The StormGain Loyalty Program already had the best rewards for crypto traders on the market. Now, it’s introducing two new levels above the VIP tier that will grant even better benefits.

What’s new

The new tiers in the StormGain Loyalty Program are as follows:

VIP 2: This level offers an 11% annual interest rate on your crypto holdings for 30 days, an 18% bonus on your deposit, a 0.065% discount on exchange commissions and a 30% discount on margin trade commissions. To qualify, you’ll need a deposit of 50K UDST or higher or a margin turnover of at least 15 million UDST.

VIP 3: The new top level gets you a 12% annual interest rate on your crypto holdings for 30 days, a 20% bonus on your deposit, a 0.06% discount on exchange commissions and a 40% discount on margin trade commissions. Qualifying clients will have a deposit of over 100K USDT or a turnover of 75 million USDT.

The new levels are on top of previous Loyalty tiers, which will remain unchanged. See our Loyalty Program page for full details on each level’s benefits.


Changes to the loyalty program will take effect from 02/06/2020.

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