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StormGain Coin Contest: champions share their insights

23 Oct, 2020

The latest edition of the StormGain Coin Contest closed on 11 October, and now the top 30 traders can enjoy their hard-earned prizes. Over the course of 16 days, thousands of contestants from around the world, beginners and experts alike, all put their trading tactics to the test in a competition to find out who could make the most profit on StormGain real accounts.

The top 10 winners took home real money from our 15,000 UDSDT prize pool, with first-place taking home 2500 USDT. A further 20 earned bonus funds for their trading accounts.

Every contestant had the opportunity to practise trading and improve their skills. It was a chance for our intrepid traders to try bold strategies and learn important lessons about the crypto market and how StormGain’s unique features make it the best crypto trading platform for maximising profit.

“I am very happy and, at the same time, surprised’’

How does it feel to be a Coin Contest winner, and what tips do the triumphant traders have for the rest of us? We asked our Coin Contest champions Marc, Silverio and Alcides what it felt like to come out on top, what StormGain features and strategies they used and how they kept a cool head in the intense competition.

‘‘I am very happy and, at the same time, surprised with the high level of professionalism from people who work with this platform. StormGain is a really intuitive platform but also very informative. I found the most useful features to be the orders, like to close at market price and stop loss. As a former Second Division B [football] player in Spain, I find the partnership with S.S. Lazio quite exciting, too.’’ — Marc

‘‘I am quite satisfied. I didn’t think that I would make it so far in the tournament because there was a time when my percentage fell 500%! It just goes to show, you should never give in to despair, be patient and there’s always hope. Don’t be afraid to invest, the StormGain platform is great, but invest what you are willing to lose.’’ — Silverio

‘‘I had a fantastic experience with the Contest, and I’m excited to achieve great things in the market. I’m already looking forward to the next Contest! StormGain is really easy to use. My personal favourite feature is the option to invest in indices, which can be combined with rapidly rising assets. My strategy advice? Have a progressive portfolio, mix in safer options like indices to manage risk from more volatile instruments.’’ — Alcides

What will the winners spend their money on?

Now that the trading tournament is over, will the lucky winners celebrate in style using the prize money? Or will they use the funds to keep trading and investing? We asked our winners how they plan to spend their share of the prize pool.

‘‘I already had some basic knowledge of crypto trading when I entered the Contest, but now I’m going to use what I’ve learned and invest part of my earnings back into the crypto market on StormGain. As for the rest, I’m going to buy furniture for my new flat!’’ — Marc

‘‘I was a crypto newbie, but I’m going to withdraw some of my earnings and leave the rest on the platform.’’ — Silverio

‘‘I’ve been quite impressed with the platform, and I see my prize as an investment, so I’m going to use it on StormGain to try and get higher and higher returns in the long term.” — Alcides

Although StormGain’s first trading tournament is over, there will be more exciting events to come. In the meantime, all the advantages of StormGain are available 24/7. It just takes a few seconds to register and try our account for yourself!

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