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Meet the StormGain team: Behind the scenes at the hottest crypto platform

17 Sep, 2021

Among the different crypto platforms competing in the market, StormGain has distinguished itself with innovative features to boost its users’ profits. The exchange was first noted on the scene for its user-friendly interface at a time when many new users were becoming curious about crypto trading for the first time.

In just a few years, the company and the platform alike have become a force to be reckoned with in the crypto trading world. We spoke to a few of StormGain’s team members to get some insight into what makes the service tick and how it feels to work at the cutting-edge crypto company.

Elena, Products

Right from the beginning, the user experience was always at the centre of what StormGain does. We wanted to make a crypto trading platform that was accessible to everyone. This meant designing an interface that displays a lot of information in an easy-to-understand way and — here’s the kicker — is simple to read on a smartphone screen!

That’s no easy task, so we’re really proud of what we’ve managed to achieve with the platform’s design. Try it out, and you’ll see. You’ve got different charts and analytical tools, trading signals, the order book, price information, wallets and more, all accessible at your fingertip. It took a lot of long hours, brainstorming sessions, tests and different iterations, but we’re really proud of what we built. Even in the early days, user feedback always praised how easy StormGain was to use compared to competitors, and since then, we’ve only made it better.

The most fun part of the job is trying to think of new features, like introducing new instruments or a way to improve the interface or tweaks to the economic model that saves our users more money. We’re always researching to keep our finger on the pulse of new trends and integrate them into our new features. We look at industry thought leaders, client feedback, what the competition is up to, and think about how we can make StormGain even better. The best times are when a new feature meets a client’s needs that they didn’t even know they were missing, and then they’d never go without it!

Alex, Dealing

Clients don’t know it, but they see our work all the time without really noticing. A colleague actually called us the beating heart of the company. That’s because we work in 24/7 shifts to make sure there are no bugs with the price you see on screen or a trading instrument’s price or behaviour and that the platform keeps running quickly and smoothly. The crypto market is fast-paced, with a lot of important changes from one moment to the next. The last thing anyone would want is to lose out because the app freezes, crashes or something else, so we’re always watching and checking. To the user, it always ‘just works’, but that’s because we’re hard at work!

Because our clients are in all kinds of different countries and time zones, everyone on the team has to work nights sometimes. The light’s on in the StormGain offices! It can get very intense because other departments are at home sleeping. I remember during one night shift, when I was quite new to the company, I noticed a slowdown on the platform and realised I was going to have to fix it all by myself! But fortunately, we get a lot of training and mentorship when we join this department, so I was able to handle it quickly without waking up any colleagues!

James, Marketing

StormGain isn’t like any other crypto exchange, and our mission is to get the word out about that. We want to get people excited, so it’s exciting work for us, too! We have these big sports partnerships, and as a football fan, it’s been a dream come true to meet the players from S.S. Lazio and Newcastle United and to see the pitch in our business meetings. But as a marketer, it’s even better to see the faces of the lucky clients who win our competitions and get VIP tours and match tickets.

Football is important for us because the aspects of winning through perseverance and luck, as well as fans’ community spirit, are the same values we have as a company, and we want to share that with our clients. Another big aspect of the job is making people aware of what makes StormGain different, and dare I say better, than the competitors.

For example, we have a really innovative profit-sharing model, where StormGain only takes fees on profitable trades. There’s also our Bitcoin Cloud Miner that awards free Bitcoin to users the more they trade. The idea for this came when we made a promotion around the holidays that gave away a free Bitcoin. It generated huge interest among our customer base because it turns out that people like free stuff. Who knew?! So, to keep that energy going, we thought of a way we could give back to our community that rewards long-term engagement and that everyone can access. Now everyone who uses StormGain can get free Bitcoin, and it rewards active traders with a faster mining rate.

We have a lot of nice perks like that, and most people looking around for a platform might not know what a big difference they can make in terms of profitability. So we work with writers, video makers, editors and translators to get the word out. And based on all the new users we get every day, we’re happy that the message is being heard!

Etienne, Customer Support

StormGain was designed to be easy to use, and it automates as much as possible. But we can’t forget the need for human contact. In fact, it’s often the most important part of what we do! There will always be people who have questions about how stuff works. Maybe they’re having difficulty doing something they want on the platform, and that’s where we come in. We understand how important the money — in whatever asset — is to the customer, so we are always committed to finding a solution for them. Because we’re the first point of contact for most of our users, we get to know them quite well, and learn about their ambitions, what they want to do with their profits and so on. We’re also the ones that learn about something users want that the Product team hadn’t thought about, so we pass that on to our designers.

Because we have customers all over the world, one of the great things about the team is getting to know all the different language speakers we have. Of course, most of us can speak English, but we also have native speakers of Russian, Spanish, German, and the list goes on! The whole company is quite multicultural, but this is the department where you see it the most.

The toughest part of the job is because of the huge growth lately, there are more and more customers. And it’s true that they sometimes need to wait a bit longer for a response. That’s because every contact with StormGain is answered by a real person on the team who has actually looked at the issue in detail. No copy-paste or automatic responses. That’s just a waste of people’s time.

The funny thing about customer care is that you often start speaking to clients who are in a really bad mood, but you can turn them into your best friend. One situation I will always remember, a client had an issue withdrawing some crypto that he wanted to use to buy a wedding ring — as you can imagine, that’s a really emotional situation! Of course, I resolved this for him and got to know the story, and by the end, he was so happy that I received a wedding invitation and a promise that he would name his first child after me — I’m still waiting to hear about that!

Conclusion from CEO, Alex Althausen

I always get asked to make statements for interviews, but this time, it’s really nice to sit back and let the different team members speak for themselves and their experiences. All the different departments know each other and work closely together, and a lot of great friendships have been made at work. I’m really proud of the team that we put together at StormGain. It’s a big family of geeks, and the product is our baby that we all work together to raise and care for with love.

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