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StormGain News

The Bitcoin billionaires and a boat: a crypto utopia on the sea
23 Sep, 2021
Meet the StormGain team: Behind the scenes at the hottest crypto platform
17 Sep, 2021
08 Sep, 2021
ETH and altcoins pull ahead as Bitcoin stagnates
Ether is enjoying a hot streak, breaking above $3,900. That’s just shy of the cryptocurrency’s all-time high in May this year.
30 Aug, 2021
First came electricity, then came blockchain: how to invest in the tech revolution
Nowadays, everybody wants in on cryptocurrency. Thanks to the dramatic price movements of digital coins and the availability of crypto trading apps, people can make huge profit trading crypto.
26 Aug, 2021
NFTs are making a comeback as ETH booms
Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, were the talk of the crypto community, the wider finance community and the art world earlier this year thanks to striking artworks, celebrity participation and eyebrow
13 Aug, 2021
StormGain debuts new crypto options 
StormGain is happy to announce the debut of an exciting new trading instrument on the platform: crypto options!